Mark Zumpano
English 3 Period A
Mr. Bergman
Boomtown: All Hallows Eve Question
Why did Theresa decide to save Holden?
In the episode, Theresa is captured by Holden. Theresa is an EMT, and Holden has a brother who has been mortally wounded. She is now forced to try and save his brother because if she doesn’t, Holden will kill her. She ends up escaping from Holden and kills him by strangling him. She escaped by letting Holden’s brother die, which force Holden to stop at a studio. Theresa remembers that when her mother died, she promised to never let another person die, if she could help it. She did let Holden’s brother die, and after basically killing Holden, she realizes she is wrong and decides to help revive Holden. It was a way of forgiveness in a sense. It was a great scene.