\Week 1- 1/23/14
In english today we were directed to write a paragraph on a bank of words from the packet that contains The "Top 100 SAT Words." I did not think much of this assignment but if i were to give my input on it i would say the following; I found it a brilliant idea. Why? Well, because there were no restrictions on my writing. I am definitely one of the worst writers when it comes down to it but not when i can freely express myself with no boundaries. It felt good to be able to open my mind and jot down anything that came to mind. To be able to concoct a paragraph of pure imagination and not be condemned for it. This specific assignment helped me understand the meaning of a word in a different way than i usually do. Also, i got to use words I'm not use to using on a regular basis and that will help me in the future. Not to mention, it helped me learn how to incorporate different words into sentences.

Alex Barabas's Entry:
Throughout this year I have read a few books. In the summer I reread the Rangers Apprentice series. it was about an orphan named will who became a ranger under the guidance of the most famous rangers Halt. Will become just as famous as Halt in many different times. He had help with his friend Horace as well. After that I read the Eragon series. This books where really good I finished the four books by the time soccer season was over. After that I haven't really read anything but I might start reading the harry Potter series unless I find a book I like.

Dwight's Response:
Alex, its good to hear that you actually picked up a book this summer. I have not heard about the series called Rangers Apprentice but it certainly sounds interesting. I wonder what its about. I might ask you one day so you can inform me and maybe ill start the series myself if it sounds appealing. The Eragon series i heard from a couple friends that they're interesting and quite a fantasy. Ive debated on starting those series as well. I recommend starting the Harry Potter series, I've heard there great books and even have movies out for them. Maybe after you read the series you could watch the movies as well. I wish i could have played soccer last season but i had to find a job that i never ended up finding. I was so mad on how i missed soccer season. Hopefully i can get back on the field next season.

Week 2- 1/30/14
I read MLK's I Have A Dream Speech today in class. After reading this speech, I now have a better idea of how great of a speaker MLK was and how exactly he caught the attention of many. He caught the attention of his audience by the words he used. His body language said it all and the way he paused so the people could take it all in was phenomenal. His voice sparked the spirits of the Blacks during troubling times. Reading this makes me think how much things today could be so much different if MLK would have never given that speech. MLKs speech is a great example of how words truly impact others and make a difference. His words created a movement and changed history forever. It's incredible how powerful his speech was.

Madison's Entry:
Time, time is a very scary aspect i actually think its the one thing that i fear most in life. Everything runs on time, absolutely everything. Weather its you've got to be to work, school, a party, funeral, Enlgish class, dinner whatever it may be, time controls us all on a daily basis. And the worst part, there is no escaping it and there's no getting it back. It's always going to be there, i think its the type of thing that makes some people go crazy. I don't think that there is nearly enough time in a day for whatever it may be, there is not enough time in a day for people to do the things that they love, and that's essential. And i think many people would agree and say they wish they could gain time back now and then,

Dwight's Response:
Madison, I agree with you 100%. Everything does run on time and its a shame. there's not a day that goes by that I don't wish we had more time. Every minute that goes by is a minute less of life that you live. Sometimes I drive myself crazy on the thought that I can't stop time and the fearing thought that ill run out of time and not get to do everything I want in life. You can't escape time and its sometimes overwhelming. Wouldn't you just love if you could stop time for a little and relax for a bit? I sure in hell do. We all deserve a break sometimes and it sucks that we don't get it. It only gets worse too, once you get older time goes by quicker. All we need to do right now is enjoy it.

Week 3- 2/12/14
In English we watched a video about the education system, I seemed to agree with the majority of it. As years pass by, I seem to notice the flaws in the education system. When the video said classrooms are basically "individual cells that we sit in and transfer to hour after hour" I really thought about it and noticed that that's exactly how I feel on a daily.I can't go to school without dreading it, so all of this talk with no action or change becomes more of a burden. Everyone is telling me how the education system is flawed but nobody is telling me how to change. There is no way on rebelling the system. Why? Because if the bell rings and im not at my next class ill be condemned for cutting class and be labeled as someone who lacks obedience and doesn't want an education. I feel like a robot doing the same thing over and over and you know what the worst part of it is? Its useless and I wont need half the shit in the world field id like to go into.

Evan's Entry:
Last Friday we watched Boomtown in class. In this episode, a mechanic is persuaded by his friend to cause a crash in order to get false insurance money. But there is more to the episode than that. At the beginning of the episode, we meet a character named Victoria who is an investigator for the insurance company of the victims of the crash. But there is something special about this character. We later found out in the episode that Victoria and Fearless have a past. During the episode, Fearless explains to Joe that he feels like this could be the start of something new. But he soon finds out that it wasn't what he thought it would be. He figures out that she was behind the whole thing. At the end of the episode, Fearless has a tough decision to make. He either has to do his job and arrest her or trust her when she says, "This was the last time I swear," and let her go. Fearless does end up arresting Victoria and finishes the job.

Dwight's Response:
Wow Evan, this sounds like such an interesting action packed episode. Unfortunately, I was out that day and could not watch this episode of boomtown. I really wish I was in school this day but I was stuck at home with the flu. I cannot believe the girl fearless had a past with was the girl behind the whole thing. Talk about plot twist huh? so crazy. Do you think maybe she manipulated fearless feelings a bit in order to proceed with the crime? I feel bad for fearless on how she played with him. He is such a nice guy. At least he did the right thing and put his feelings aside and continued with the arrest. A girl would not have been worth years of hard work being thrown down the drain.

Week 4- 2/24/14
"The Lottery" was the short story we analyzed and reflected on today. The story was about a community who gathered on the 27th of July and withdrawed the lottery. The winner of the lottery was the one with the dot on their piece of paper. The winning lottery ticket was withdrawed by Tessie Huchinson. She was being stoned afterwards because the people thought she may have cheated or they were just jealous that she had one. I felt the story was very negative though portraying the jealousy that lies within a community desperate for money. Overall, it was a very interesting story that caught my attention and I was able to stay focused with. Its crazy how she got stoned to death just cause people were jealous of her luck. Comes to show what people are capable of. People will do sleezy things just to obtain what others got.

Tasha's Entry:
This week we read a short story called "Teenage Wasteland". It was about a teenager named Donny who struggles with life in general, but predominately in school. His grades begin to drop and he starts messing around with drugs and alcohol. His parents struggle to keep him on track and his mom doesn't know what's best for him. She hires him a tutor, Cal, and originally Cal seems to act as a good role model. Overtime, though, it begins to evolve into something negative. The kids working with Cal seem to be getting worse verses better. Other parents begin removing their children from the program. Although Cal's grades got a little better, his drug and alcohol use still worsens, and he becomes engrossed with Cal. Eventually Donny gets suspended, and runs away from home. Although his mom seemed to be supportive throughout all of his ups and downs, she let him fall off the radar. When it become apparent that Cal was not a good role model to Donny she should have intervened. This is a common occurrence in real life situations today. It is hard for parents to decipher what is best for their kids. I think that Donny's situations reflect problems that are going on today.

Week 5- 2/26/14
Today in class we read a short story called Tall Chairs. The story was about a young three year old boy who loved his father dearly. His father did not live with him though, the boy lived with his mother and would occassionally visit his father. However, every time he visited his father he loved it so much, he would look up to his father and do nothing but wish to grow up like him. The one thing the kid didn't understand was that his dad is an alcoholic. The boy just thought the dad was this amazing person, and even when the dad yelled at him for no reason and hit and abused him, the boy never thought anything of it. It was sad to see how much this boys loves his father, but doesn't realize what his father was actually doing. Meanwhile, the mom locked the dad out of the house and the boy was angered at the mom for chasing the father away. The whole story shows a misunderstanding.

Kelly's Entry:
The discussion of Junior Portfolio becomes more and more stressful the closer we get to March. It is frustrating because it seems as though the class of 2015 are the "guinea pigs" for this and they still don't know exactly how everything is going to work. I feel that the administrators and teachers should have planned the whole thing out, and assigned the portfolio exhibition to a class when they are 100% prepared. Also, last year was when they were still figuring everything out and that seemed to be all the teachers talked about. So, my sophomore year I got a decent amount of rubrics. However, this year it seems like many teachers have completely forgotten about it because throughout the whole first semester, I only received 2 rubrics. Many teachers have not even talked about it this year and it is coming quicker than expected. Many students don't know what they even have to do because no one has fully explained it to us, or many teachers are telling us different things. We either need to have an assembly with the junior class, or we need to talk about it in depth in our advisory classes. Students cannot graduate without passing the Junior Portfolio, which is very stressful for many students, especially when we are not sure exactly what we need to do.

Dwight's Response:
Kelly, It's like you've read my mind. Junior Portfolio has been shoved down our throats for the past 3 years but its like they keep repeating the same thing over and over again. They really look like they have no idea what they're doing. I have the same problem, I lack of some rubrics and teachers seem to have forgotten to give them out. Junior Portfolio is weeks away and to know that its a graduation requirement and teachers are so nonchalant and unaware of what theyre doing is beyond stressful. We, The class of 2015, are guinea pigs and needs to come to a stop. personally, I'm not completely prepared mentally or rubrically for this presentation. Its a shame they guinea pig us like this without proper instructions. No doubt they should have planned everything out first then stress us out for theyre inventions. Its completely ridiculous.

Week 6- 3/6/14
In class we read a story called A Worn Path. This story is about an older woman who travels down this path, although it may not feel like a path that everyone else says. She has been through a lot has taken this long path. It may have to do with her age although it is mostly about her life and what she has been through. Most people would probably not help this women in doubt that her story is true and maybe overdosing. People wouldnt want to help a dirty, poor old woman. Also money is harder to get nowadays so people wouldn't want to help anyone else but there selves.

Kelly's Entry:
The American Idea can be shown in many ways through literature. It can be read though many books or online sources. However, I believe that the American Idea can also be shown through experience and every day life. The American Idea is in the eye of the beholder, and it is based off of actions made by the American people. I have seen opportunity, freedom, and happiness with my own eyes, which are some of the things I believe make up the American Idea. I have also read articles that talk about it, and the different opinions and perceptions on it. It can be read through many social commentaries as well. It is a hard idea to wrap your mind around, especially if it is simply shown through literature, not stated. It is a broad concept that could be hidden in books, the streets, and most of all the American people. Literature can have a lot to say about it.

Dwight's Response:
Kelly, The American Idea is definitely in the eye of the beholder. I agree with you on that. Some people may have different views on what the American Idea is than others which is completely fine. There is no "right" American Idea, its all opinion based. Opportunity, freedom, and happiness are great views to have. I, myself, also believe those 3 some up the broad concept of the American Idea. Its crazy on how much you could read on such a topic. If you search American Idea, a bunch of websites come up with different kinds of information on each website which is amazing. Anyone could have an input on what they believe The American Idea is. Imagine going to a third world country and asking them what they think it is. I bet they would have some interesting answers.

Week 7- 3/7/14
In order to write a good story, there needs to be a couple of things. First, the author needs to catch the readers attention by having some kind of eye catching hook. Second, the author needs to have a captivating plot, one that drives readers off their seats. It also has to be a plot that makes sense, one that's not over the place and the reader cant follow. The story must also have a moral were one or many of the characters learned a lesson. I only like stories that I can remember because they actually had an impact on me or it was just an overall good story. No one likes to read a boring story. A story does not need to be long for it to be good, short stories are just as good as novels. I could read a novel and be completely bored and read a short story and be captivated by it or vise versa. Its also really opinion based, like everything in life. Some people might be into what I considered boring and bland, who knows.

Stephan's Entry:
Recently in class we have been talking about short stories. One we read the lottery was interesting and had a strange storyline. Its where a town decides someone to be stoned to death. Short stories are nice to read because they are able to be read quickly. So you dont have to stop and continue reading later on, which you have to do with most normal stories due to they are longer. It gets the main idea and skips the unneeded parts. Theses unneeded parts are the introduction to the plot and characters. Random inserted details that have little to do with the main subject or idea. So they just have a basic idea usually and are simple and not complicated like normal stories can be. A example is in the lottery it just goes straight to the lottery day and doesn't included a background on characters or the town. Or include what happens after this event. It just focuses on the single event making it short and simple.

Dwight's Response:
Stephan, Lottery indeed had a interesting and strange storyline. Can you believe a town could decide who or when to stone someone? Now a days stoned has a different meaning. Imagine winning a lottery ticket, being all happy, and then you hear you're being stoned because people are jealous and think you cheated. How messed up is that. Short stories are really nice to read, I like them a lot. They are sweet and to the point, well some of them. Some leave you with suspense and leave you wondering and some are just plain old awful. They are different types of short stories to chose from. I personally like short stories with a good plot with some mystery in it. Ones that make me think a little and not every detail is given so I can infer.

Week 8- 3/14/14
My opinion on this article is that it nailed it. Everything that was said was precise. I have not taken the SAT's yet but peers have told me that there were kids with huge books and sticky notes in the corner for last minute studying just like the article addressed. Like I said preciously, I have not yet taken the SAT's but I can say right now I will not be one of those kids with a huge book. The SAT's are pointless, testing you on your memorization and on material that odds are will never need to be used. You know what the sad part is? It pretty much decides your future and if you get into the college you'd like or not. I think that's ridiculous, I think schools should go based on your gpa and not on how well you memorize work throughout the years. Odds are, if I didn't memorize it its because it wasn't important enough for me too. Like the article stated, the SAT's were pretty much made to see how many mistakes you could make. Is that really what a test should aim for? Especially when so much rides on it.

Evan's Entry:
March 13th Week 8: After reading the article about the SATs, I realized that it connected to what we talked about in class. Earlier this week we talked about the SATs and testing in general. We talked about how students stress too much about their scores. They feel that their scores determine their future because it's cliche how college only look at the SATs. But today, some colleges are starting to look at GPA more than SAT scores. This is good because there is a majority of students who do well in challenging classes and have good GPAs. The only thing holding them back is that they don't test well. Being able to test well is a talent. Students either have this skill or they don't. I feel that students put too much stress on themselves if they don't have it.

Dwight's Response:
I'm most definitely stressing over what my score could be on my SAT'S because I feel like as if its going to decide my future. I feel like it shouldn't be like that though, I have so many great qualities that could be terminated just because im not good at test taking. I agree with you that its either a skill you get or don't have, theres no in between. If colleges start looking into gpas more than that's great news. That lowers my worries down a little because I carry a decent gpa that could get me into a decent school. The SAT's have me really worried which sucks. Its the only thing about college that really scares me. I wish it wasn't like that. Its time for a change.

Week 9- 3/20/14
This article is very interesting. Not only interesting but quite controversial. The author had some great arguments which made me open my eyes about our grading system and how we work it. I've always been fooled into believing that the way we grade things is the best but now I'm not quite sure I buy that. I now believe that instead of grading us with points that turn into a specific letter we should go more into a standard based grading system. There are pros in cons of that though, a pro is that you'll actually know if the student is learning the information. The con is that this specific grading system wouldn't work that well with some subjects. I think we should break off the normal grading system and try something new, you never know what could work better if you don't try it. A new system could be more accurate and more beneficial for everyone. Overall, the article was a good read.

Macy's Entry:
This article on grades makes a lot of sense to students but not to too many adults and that is why I think this article is very surprising. I agree with the way the veteran teacher scored her students with a mastery scale. I think that point grading scales are misleading because I know a ton of people who are in the honors program that do not deserve to be because all they do is cheat. So when these people get to college and the real world where they cant cheat they are going to be screwed. Also, a student could be a genius but have no focus to do their homework so that brings their grades down tremendously. I believe that the system we use now isn't as effective as it could be but students do know what they have to do to earn good grades which should be enough to motivate them to do well with this grading system. Until there is a new system I think that the one we have now is okay to use but not as effective as it can be and with some teachers experimenting maybe our kids will have a great grading system for when they are in school.

Dwight's Response:
Macy, I happen to agree with you. We seem to have some of the same points. I like how you said how maybe our kids would have a better grading system than us. I hope they do, I hope they have a higher drive than this generation to get better grades. Our generation is accustomed to doing the bare minimum to pass and I'm guilty as charged. I am not motivated a slightest bit in school because it seems that the correlation between raising your grade and dropping it is unfair. It seems to me that its way easier to drop your grade than to raise it. You do bad on one test or quiz and your grade drops a shit load while if you try your ass off and get a good grade on a test or quiz it raises one point if even that. How could that be? Its complete bullshit if you ask me. Maybe if the grading system was fair we would all have a bigger drive to succeed instead of doing the bare minimum.

Week 10- 3/27/14
I found this article very interesting. According to this article, we read literature to get smarter. I happen to agree, some people think that literature can help understand something or someone better. I find literature useful and it was nice to read the different point of views of people about it but I feel like literature is like painting; when over analyzed it becomes boring. If every little detail in a book has a meaning behind it and you constantly have to think about it, it just kills the book and makes me not interested anymore. I think that's why I've lost the desire to read from such a young age. I probably lost the desire to read around 6th grade when I finished reading the whole series of Diary Of a Wimpy kid, its sad to say but that's the last book I've probably enjoyed. I wish I had a higher drive and desire to read but its just not there. Maybe its just me. I hope one day that drive I once felt, reappears.

Kelly's Entry:
There are many different reasons we study literature. Many students learn through literature and it encourages new ideas and creativity. One man in the article said that all of the interesting people he knows read, even though they may not be intelligent. Some say literature is full of passion and heart and hits on many different levels. It can be an escape for people from reality. It relaxes people to forget about worries and get lost for a little while. One man said that there are a lot of experiences and people the reader gets to encountering any work of literature. It is a reflection of society and states the blunt truth. Literature can do a lot for a person. It depends on the person from what they take out of it.

Dwight's Response:
Kelly, I agree with you 100%. I love the points you have addressed. There's many different reasons why people study literature and that's really cool. Literature does not impact everyone the same way though. Like you said, some say literature is full of passion and heart but many could argue saying its boring. It really depends who the person is and their outlook on literature. Its basically opinion based, like everything in life. I happen to find literature kinda boring but it could be interesting. My opinion could be different from yours though or someone elses which is fine. Life is all about perspective and how you and others view things.

Week 11- 4/3/14
Over the next few month I am looking forward to various things. For example, proms tomorrow. Prom is an event that Ive been looking forward to for months and I cant believe its almost here. It snuck up so quick. I originally was not going to go due to a wedding rehearsal I needed to attend but I found a way around it. I hope I have a great time, which I'm sure I will. Another thing I'm looking forward to is my uncles wedding. He gets married on Saturday and I'm part of the bridal party which is pretty exciting. Summers almost here also which pumps me up. I'm sick of the cold weather. Hopefully I go somewhere for vacation and don't get stuck in Clinton all summer.

Macy's Entry:
Over the next few months I am looking forward to a lot of things. I am looking forward to college planning and visits and studying for my ACTs and my SATS a second time. Of course I am not looking forward to studying but it is an important part of getting into college and I am excited for that! I am excited for my birthday too! But the last few months of my junior year will be all about college because junior portfolio is over so I do not need to worry about that. I just need to focus on my ACTS and SATS and visiting colleges. The college fairs have been a huge help and also my parents have been helping me a lot. College will definitely be my main focus. A long with work and the rest of highschool. I also am looking forward to golf and learning everything I can because golf is deffinelty one sport you want to have some background with if your trying to impress rich big shots when I am older. The next few months will be full of excitement and adventure!

Dwight's Response:
I agree with you Macy, studying for ACT's and/or SAT's are not fun at all but are essential into getting a good score and getting into college. I still have not studied or applied to take these tests. I'm slacking and its stressing me out. I am so happy junior portfolio is over because they shoved that down our throats for 3 years now. Enough was enough I was close to freaking out. Now that junior portfolio is over college is going to be shoved down our throats, we never catch a break. Its very overwhelming. Hopefully all this stress pays off in the real world. College is coming sooner and sooner and im really excited but nervous at the same time. Such mixed emotions.

Week 12- 4/11/14
My initial thoughts about this play is that it was very long and boring but that changed. I started actually paying attention to the play and listening and I seem to enjoy it now. I understand the key concepts about the play now. This play is about race, social class, gender role, and also family dynamic. I'm looking forward to finishing this play up. Also, I hope we continue on to the sequel. I would love to hear more about the play and what happens next. I'm pretty interested as of now. Hopefully I don't lose it. You're doing a great job on keeping me intact.

Natalie's Entry:
"A Raisin in the Sun" seems to be dragging on for me. I understand the important concepts of the play such as race, social class, gender roles and family dynamic. However, I'm not sure if its just not of my interest or its the students that are making a mockery of it but I wouldn't mind finishing it or not. Once we do complete it, I actually would like to follow up with the leading plays that go with this one because I like the story line but I can't take it as seriously as it seems to need to be. The funny voices and the laughing would think to make it more enjoyable but when I only hear that I can't comprehend the words actually being said.

Dwight's Response:
Natalie, I agree with you on some of your points. Some kids are taking this play too lightly and fail to see the point of the story. If some kids were a little more focused I feel like the story would capture their attention. The play is really interesting if you understand it but if you don't pay attention then you mess out on valuable parts. Hopefully we do read the leading plays because I'm curious about what theyre about. The story line is great as you said, its a great piece of literature. I wish more people were intrigued as me. Some kids just doze off and are on there phones. I hope that changes.

Week 13- 4/17/14
Over this break, I'll be honest I have not picked up a book. Even though I haven't picked up a book that does not mean I have not read at all. Everyday when i wake up I read the news. I like to start off my day well informed on what's going on in the world. For example, this morning I read about how the college board plans on changing the SAT's. In 2016 the SAT's will have fewer questions. I'm not going to lie, that really grinds my gears. Why? because the changes are happening the year right after I graduate. Just like everything else, once again the class of 2015 is being screwed over. It just doesn't stop.

Viv Tran's Entry:
Over the break, I am going to Washington DC. I will read in the train and in the dorms "The Hunger Games" which will be enjoyable. I hope that I will be able to finish it, so I can go on to read about the "Catching Fire." I am probably very behind from everyone who had read the series of the Hunger Games last year. I want to read about these book this year. I remember when the twilight series came out I read all the series and loved it. It was probably the only books that I was pull in. I love to read and have to make time to read it, so this April break i'll have to make room for reading. I love reading and being able to know the ending and accomplishing it by myself. In the Hunger Games, I am half way finish. I am at the part where Catness is in need of water. She wants her supporter to give her water to survive. She had a conflict knowing Peter's mind. (Peter is from the same district with Catness) What he is planning because at the end they will have to face off each other. There can only be one survival to win the game.

Dwight's Response:
Wow Viv! Have fun in DC, you are so lucky. I'm stuck in boring old Clinton with nothing to do. I've heard The Hunger Games are a good series to get into hopefully you think so too! I hope you have time to finish the first book even though I doubt it. You'll probably be having so much fun in DC that you wont even realize you have the book. I could be wrong though. I've never read or watched the hunger games but it sounds really interesting. I'll consider getting into it now that I kinda have an idea what its about. Many of my friends have read the book and watched the movie and they seem to really enjoy it. I've never really put much thought into it or attention but that may change. Hope your having a blast! Enjoy.

Week 14- 4/24/14
There is no doubt in my mind that mama pops up as an answer when asked who the favorite character of the play is. She certainly is mine. She is the heart of the family. She has all of the wisdom of the family. She has shared that wisdom with everyone especially Walter Lee. When the check was announced, Mama had no interest in spending it all on her own. She wanted to make sure that what happened with that money benefited everyone. Even when the money was all gone mama kept her head held high. Mama helped Walter Lee grow as a person, he proudly accepted the house in front of his son and rejected the ridiculous offer from the committee. That is why mama is my favorite.

Macy's Entry:
My favorite character in A Raisin in the Sun is Mama. She has a powerful image and plays an important role as the head of the family. She is a strong willed woman with high beliefs in her family and the future. She is strong after the death of her husband. She has to raise up her children and help them. The money that she will receive will benefit her and the family. She is in charge of how she wants to spend the money. Her son, Walter, wanted to take the money to sell liquor at a store to earn more money. Beth wants the money to help her with her education. At the end she decides to buy a house for everyone to live. It was everyone's dream to have a house to call for their own instead of living in an apartment. There is a long future ahead of themselves to face.

Dwight's Response:
Macy, we have pretty much the same thoughts. Mama was overall the best character in the play. She was the head of the family. If she wasn't the way she is the family would be a lot different. The family would probably split up due to the fighting of who got the money. She tried finding a solution that everyone would benefit from and would be happy about. She bought a house that everyone dreamed of. Mama was the best character. I can't wait to see what she does in the next play. Lets see if I continue to like her.

Week 15- 5/2/14
At first, I though the play was going to be boring; not going to lie. Then, as soon as it started, it grasped my attention. The play was great, I was so into it. It even had some humor in it. The best part though, without a doubt, was Viv's swearing though. That had me cracking up because its not what you expect from Viv. This play was a lot like A Raisin in The Sun because there was a lot of dancing around the subject of race. After the dancing came the storm, everything eventually became direct and got out of control. Just like in The Raisin in The Sun. Both these plays were good and I would recommend people to pick up and read.

Nat Jones Entry:
My initial thoughts about Clybourne Park are confusion and disappointment. I was eager to see the troubles unfold of the Younger family moving into this neighborhood. For some reason I can not understand the author completely skipped over this and into modern day. Additionally there are so many characters from then and now that I cannot keep track of the relationships and how they are all related. I am so lost in this play especially when classmates switch roles. Clybourne park is not what I expected and I am not enjoying it. Slowing down and discussing character relationships and discussion of the play may help me understand what is going on better than I am now. I have not seen any action other than constant bickering so that also is boring me. I hope that it will pick up but we are more than half way done and I haven't been entertained at all.

Dwight's Response:
Nat, you have a point. That totally slipped my mind. I was also really eager to see what happened to the Younger family and what troubles they would face in the community. The author should not have jumped straight to modern day like he did, he should have gave us more about the Younger family then slowly enroll into modern day. Also, I agree with you on the so many characters and not being able to keep up part because l frequently caught myself trying to figure out who's who and who's black or white. More discussion about the characters would have been nice. Overall though, after the beating around the bush bullshit, it was a pretty awesome play.

Week 16- 5/6/14
Why is it sometimes difficult to remain calm when a taboo subject has been brought into a conversation?
Its sometimes difficult to remain calm when a taboo subject is brought up in a conversation because everyone has different views about things. For example, some people are very sensitive around many subjects like race. If you start to have a conversation with someone and say something they don't agree with they may get upset. The problem with that is a fight may evolve. That is why many people cut around the bush and dance around certain subjects, to avoid issues with other people. Even if you are from the same race its better not to have that discussion because you don't know if they have opposing opinions about the subject. This problem is not only with race though, it could be with class too. Class is another hard subject to get in to because everyone lays in different places about it. If you say something about a lower class and they happen to be in that class they might be really upset with you after.

Nat Jone's Entry:
These topics are very sensitive. When speaking to someone with different lifestyles, we tend to perform a medaphorical ballet around the subject at hand. I think that this is because of the fragile state of people and their sensitivities of these topics. It's hard to say anything about African Americans without sounding racist or appearing that you are trying too hard not to sound racist. In our attempts to not offend, we still offend. Although it may be indirect, being straight forward may be the better approach. Talking about these issues head on may possibly ease the barriers between them. Talking about class from a higher social standard than someone else always appears to be a rude and arrogant conversation, belittling the other person. Whether this is intentional or not it happens. I don't know if there is any solution to the awkward conversations between the minority and the majority, and the more people realize this, the more people isolate themselves with "their own kind."Thus cracking even more the social connections of individuals on an even playing field.

Dwight's Response:
Nat, we have a lot of the same points. When speaking to someone with different lifestyles we tend to dance around in hopes of not hurting their feelings. That doesn't always work though, people are sensitive and might assume you're hinting that you're better than them. Which is not always the case. Also, yes it is very hardtop say anything at all about a African American because of the worries of it coming out racist. Even when you aren't trying to be. I believe being straight forward is the better approach as well. Its better that way so no misunderstandments come up.

Week 18 5/23/14
Night is a Cistern
This poem in my opinion was really good. This poem specifically reminded me of summer nights. It reminded me of summer nights because the describing feeling of walking around at night and how different everything is at night than at day. This poem implies how at night people are more friendly than in the day. It shows how in the day people just give more formal greeting than at night. This poem makes me excited for summer nights. This poem also goes into detail explaining the serenity at night and how everything eventually dies down. This poem is very vivid and gave me good imagery.

Nat's Entry:

My Sentence

By [[/bio/dana-levin| Dana Levin]] b. 1965Dana Levin
—spring wind with its train of spoons, kidney-bean shaped pools, Floridian humus, cicadas with their electric appliance hum, cricket pulse of dusk under the pixilate gold of the trees, fall’s finish, snow’s white afterlife, death’s breath finishing the monologue Phenomena, The Most Beautiful Girl you carved the word because you craved the world
I enjoyed this poem because it made me even more eager for summer. I also could visualize the sound of cicadas because they swarm my house. The imagery that comes with the line "kidney bean shaped pools" was so accurate that I knew exactly what the author was trying to have me visualize. Although it was about summer the author mentioned the other seasons as well. This comparison truly brought out all of the feelings and physical traits that come with enduring each season. This poem was simple yet powerful and made me feel the warmth of the summer. I did not understand the last stanza with the refrence of "The Most Beautiful Girl" and its significance. Why is it capatalized if even the first words of each new sentence are not?

Dwight's Response:
Wow Nat this poem got me so pumped for the summer time. This poem had me visualizing so well just as much as you were. The part with the kidney bean pools got me so good because I knew exactly what they were talking about. This poem was really good. You picked a nice one to talk about.