For this semester I am taking a class called Film Study. In this class so far we have watched some short films then described our owned personal meanings to them in our notebooks. One of the ones that I liked was a film that to me described life in a nutshell. I do not remember the name of this film and I apologize for that but the film was great. It described our entire life from when we were born to when we die in a mere three minutes. It really grasped my attention because it made me think that you never do really know when your life might be over so you should live it and do what you love and want to do now before it's to late. This video really spoke to me and I highly recommend that whoever reads this should ask Mr. Bergman for the video that we watched on the second day of class. You will understand more as to what I am talking about and it might be able to influence your life like it influenced mine.

Macy Lebert's Paragraph:
The last two movies I saw were American Hustle and Pain and Gain. American Hustle was a great movie about con-artist and it took place in the 70's which was really cool. Pain and Gain was based on a true story and is about these three body builders who want to create there American Dream by becoming rich but end up becoming criminals in the process. I recommend both. I am extremely nervous about the Junior Portfolio and it makes me really happy when teachers give out rubrics because I know I have rubrics I just don't keep track of them. I probably have two of each but i would have to dig through all my binders and folders to find them which i need to do pretty soon. I only have one in my advisory box. I really need a listening and viewing rubric but no teacher seems to give those out so if Mr. Bergman wants to create an assignment that will use that rubric that would be great! Also, along with being nervous about the portfolio I m nervous about taking the SATs or anything that relates to college. It all is coming up so soon and I feel as though I should start visiting colleges but I need to find the time. Also, when do we need to do a college essay? Or should I start getting applications? I have no clue how to start getting ready for college. But the SAT vocab stories help study a lot so those are a great idea and I enjoy creating them.

Maxx Bugg's Comment:
Macy, I feel the same I have no clue what is going on so I don't think that you should stress over this either. I need some Junior Portfolio rubrics and I went to Mr. Bergman and asked him for a specific one he can do for me and he was glad to help me. You should do the same because he would not hesitate to help you. Also, my mom signed me up for an SAT course where the teach you how to take the test and what not so you should look into that too. I'm sure they have information about that in guidance or you can contact me and I can ask my mom. I would not stress over any of this, just ask some people for help and they will be glad to help you. Also, yes keep doing to vocabulary activities he gives us because I'm sure that will the definitely help you. Good Luck!!
-Maxx Bugg

Macy Lebert's Comment:
Maxx, thank you for responding to my blog! I would love if you could text me the information for that SAT class after you ask your mom. As for the junior portfolio rubrics, I am trying not to stress over the rubrics that I am missing but I will definitely ask Bergman if he can do something for me. And you should find out the name of the film that you were talking about on your blog because it seems like something interesting to watch seeing as you considered the film "Life-Changing". And I agree that the weekly vocab activities are helping me and I hope they are helping you too!

1/30/14 Blog Entry
In class the other day I read about the Mayflower Compact. The article was written by an unknown author since it is very old. However, It gave me a sense as to what the people that signed the document were thinking and what they were running from. They despised their own King back in England. When they came to what is now called America they landed around Cape Cod area and settled there. What the Mayflower Compact's main idea was was that they did not want a solo leader like they had back in England. They wanted representatives that represented what the people wanted because that would serve the people as a whole and in general instead of just making decisions to help only royalty like it was back in England. When I finished reading I was shocked. These men and women sailed the Atlantic ocean to try and prove a point and start over because they had the idea to form a representative government that revolved around what the people wanted and not what the King wanted. These people had guts a courage and stood up for what they believed in. These are the real heroes of this nation and to honor them we must stick to what they believed in, because in the end we would not be here without them.

Tony's Paragraph:
For my American Reading assignment, I read about the Mayflower Compact. The Mayflower Compact was a document composed aboard the Mayflower by the colonists. The document states that the colonists would work together under god in order to maintain the settlement. This document could have been the item that brought all of the colonists together. I think that the colonists handled the situation very well. They had been sailing on the Mayflower for the last sixty days and many of them died during the voyage to North America. Despite the hardships of the trip, they remained positive through till the end. Even on land when they had no shelter in the dead center of Winter, many of them persevered to keep the colony alive. The Mayflower Compact was a document that could have saved the life of the colony, making it a very important part of American History.

Tony, I completely agree with you. We read the exact same article but yet we both got similar meanings out of it. I feel that this means the author, whoever it was, did a great job as to explaining what happened but yet they left enough out for our mind to take over and make inferences about their character as people. I would completely agree with you when you said that they went through hardships and remained positive the whole time. This relates back to my passage when I referred to them as being determined to start over and get away from the King. I actually enjoyed reading this article in the American Reader and judging by what you wrote here, I would say you did too.

I am really struggling to understand and be able to use different types of sentence structures in my writing in Mr. Bergman's class. Anybody have any words of advice? I tend to use mostly sentence one and two. My writing sounds fine and it sounds like I personally wrote it but it is just frustrating to have him ask to do it and I really struggle. I think this is why I haven't been able to reach the next level of writing. I tend to get mostly B's and the occasional A on my writing essays and papers. I think that if I was able to really figure out a way to use difference sentence structures I would be able to get mostly A's and the occasional B on my papers. I also would like to fix this problem before I start righting my college essay. I want to play golf in college which means I really want to write a nice essay to impress whoever reads it and give me a good chance at getting into a college that has a great golf program. Please help me out if you can.

Jen's Blog
The other day in class we read a poem written by Langston Hughes called "I am, too". The poem was about the racial issue that Langston had to endure while he was a child. When company was over he was to go into the other room and not say a word because of his color. This represents the American Idea because people come to America and know that blacks are treated differently than whites. Maybe not to the same extent this day in age, but the blacks are still sometimes looked at differently. The poem though also showed the determination Hughes has to solve the problem. He knows that someday the racial issue will be overcame, but right now he has to deal with it.

Maxx Bugg's Comment:
Jen I really liked this poem too. I felt this poem was about life mostly instead of the racial issue. I felt that it used race to convey everyday problems that people must face and overcome. When life gets though you just got to smile, accept it, and move on. To me this is what the poem was saying to me. No matter what happens in life people are going to push you around and tell you what to do so you just got to accept it and stand up for what you believe in. Do not let just the way of this world keep you down. It's only as bad as you let it be. If you just smile and say bring it then you will come out of the situation as a stronger better person. Overall, that is what the poem was saying to me, a lesson about life.

So the other day in school I decided to wear my American Flag sweatshirt. I got a lot of compliments on that sweatshirt that particular day I wore it. However, I have only worn it a few times to school this year. I have gotten many mixed emotions on the sweatshirt. Mr. Zawad said that he hated it and Mrs. Atwater said that she loved it and looked like I had just gotten back from the winter Olympics. I decided to write about this topic because I remember Coach Bergman talking about that a few kids should blog about my sweatshirt. Who else better than me to blog about it, right? The story behind how I got it was that I went to the Crystal Mall because there is a Buffalo Wild Wings there and while I was waiting for a table of three since I was there with my older cousin and his friend we decided to walk around the mall for a while. We were going down the stairs and I have no idea what the name of the store is but, I saw the sweatshirt out of the corner of my eye and just had to buy it. The thing costed forty darn dollars but it is definitely worth the money. I love wearing it to family parties and when I hangout with my friends. I love the comments that I get on it. Let me know what you guys think, thanks.

Tony's Blog
This week in English class, we watched an episode of Boomtown which was named Crash. Throughout the episode, Fearless and all the others had been working on the case. One lady named Vicki was an old friend of Fearless' and she ended up being the mastermind behind the entire operation. Fearless knew this and he had to make a choice between arresting her or letting her go. Fearless decided that work was more important than his own personal affairs, and he arrested her. This is the correct choice because work should be more important, especially when it is a matter such as this. Fearless is a good worker because he sacrificed his own personal happiness in order to solve the case. This shows how he is able to handle his job effectively.

Maxx's Comment:
TONY I completely agree with you on this. Fearless is the man because he was able to handle the temptation of an old girlfriend and keep his work more important especially because both of them crossed paths. I felt that this showed a lesson about life. Everybody comes to a crossroad in there life where one choice is the "right" choice and the other one is so called the "wrong" choice. This decision is a big decision in a persons life and I feel like they incorporated this into the show to give a hint into how people in real life should handle this kind of situation. It also adds more of a realistic feel to the show because they incorporated the real life situation into it. Anyways, Tony I completely agree with everything that you said in the above. Keep it real bratha.

So even though this doesn't exactly relate directly to english but this past vacation week I did go on a sweet vacation. I went to British Colombia which is located on the west coast of Canada. It was one of the greatest trips I have ever taken in my life. I skied at one of the greatest ski resorts in the entire world and had the time of my life. The way that it slightly relates to English is the fact that I was not able to write this essay one time because of the time change and the the difficulty of trying to get the internet since I was up in the mountains. It was some of the greatest time of my life and I will remember it forever. I do not have much to say about it because words can not describe it but if you would like to know more about it feel free to come up to me and ask me some questions, I will be glad to answer them and show you some pictures.

In English class I have been reading a new book. It is one book in a series of books, I would say, written by a doctor. A sports psychiatrist to be exact. This book may be more referred to as a golfer's book but it can help pretty much with any kind of sport. The main points that are brought up in the book by the doctor are that he tries to help the reader with his mental game. He uses other golfers that he has taught over the years as characters in his stories. He tells how some people had immediate effect in there golf games and how some took a while but eventually had success as long as they suck with it. I do not want to give away too much to you guys just incase you may actually want to read the book. However, as a personal huge sports fan I would highly recommend this book for anybody trying to improve there sports mind in the way of blocking out the distractions and really focusing on the outcome of the intended plan.

Jen's Blog

February 26th, 2014

Today in class we read a short story called Tall Chairs. The story was about a young three year old boy who loved his father dearly. His father did not live with him though, the boy lived with his mother and would occasionally visit his father. However, every time he visited his father he loved it so much, he would look up to his father and do nothing but wish to grow up like him. The one thing the kid didn't understand was that his dad is an alcoholic. The boy just thought the dad was this amazing person, and even when the dad yelled at him for no reason and hit and abused him, the boy never thought anything of it. It was sad to see how much this boys loves his father, but doesn't realize what his father was actually doing. Meanwhile, the mom locked the dad out of the house and the boy was angered at the mom for chasing the father away. The whole story shows a misunderstanding.

Maxx's Comment:
Yes Jen I completely agree with what you were saying. While we were reading this story in class I had no idea as to where the story was heading. By the end of reading it I almost felt very sorry for the little boy. The boy never had a father figure in his life at all. He only visited about once a month since he lived on the other side of town and it was a hassle to get over to see his kid. However, when the dad did spend some time with his son the kid loved every second of it. The sad part is that the kid even said how much he wanted to grow up like his father and how much he loved spending every second with him. The mom since she is older than the little boy knows that the father is a terrible influence for the little boy and she probably has a lot of say in when the father is even allowed to visit the son. Since the son is way to young to even be able to grasp the concept you cannot help but feel bad for him in the way the he is most likely wondering why his father is really around. He will come to find out one day when he is older that what his mom is doing for him is the right thing to do.

3/13/14 Maxx
Last weekend I took the SAT's. It was not the most fun thing in the world to be honest with you. I actually did not like taking it at all. I felt that the test was very repetitive and was a poor measure of your capability to do good in school. It only tested things that you would and or "should" know which I did not feel that it did well since the vocabulary they tested you on was useless because nobody uses the vocabulary that they tested us on. In life I feel like good things happen to people who work hard in life. This test does not test your work ethic and in the long run of life the person that has a much better work ethic will become much more successful than the person who is smart but is lazy his whole life. As a boss and as a teacher I would much rather support and or help the person who is a much harder worker because one day all of his hard work will pay off. If there is a person who is very intelligent but does not care at all he might never aspire into the human being that the hard worker would. Honestly. after taking the SAT I personally feel as if it is an unfair measurement that most schools and people base your future off of. There is no test in the world that can measure you will and want to do good along with your work ethic, and those are the things that truly matter about one's future.

Chris Waterbury's Blog
Free Reading Book "Time Bomb"
My free reading book is named "Time Bomb". I have yet to find out why this is the name but i really would like to know. The story began by a school shooting where the shooter hid inside a shed at the school and when the children went out to recess he started firing at the students. Luckily no students were injured and the gunman was taken down by a state representative who was visiting the school that day. Now in the book the police and other organizations are investigating the shooting and trying to find out why the man did this. I am curious to see what happens next in the book. I have read approximately 40 pages and there are 466 pages so I am very interested to see what happens in the rest of the book.

Maxx Bugg's Comment
Chris, sounds pretty Interesting as a matter of fact. Think I might read the book. It is hard for me to personally find books I like but this one seems to be really good. Normally I love to read about sports or interesting events. I think that this book would classify as an interesting even since it is about a school shooting. I always like to know why these kids do such horrible things like that since I never quite did understand the significance innocent people. The only thing that might keep me from reading that book is the fact that there are 466 pages in it. I struggle when it comes to long novels, I personally love shorter books like right around 200 pages. Mostly because I am a very slow reader and cannot read a lot of literature in one sitting. I tend to start falling asleep or not comprehending the words once I have been reading for about a half an hour. Thank you for talking about this book however. I thought that it seemed very interesting and I might just have to read a book review to see if I want to indulge in it.

Blog Week Ten

I found it very interesting on what Mr. Lick had to say about literature. I would completely agree with him when he stated that he loved being read to as a child. I always enjoyed being read to and I still do. However, I do not like it if I do not enjoy the topic that it is on. I am a huge sports fan, as most of you know, therefore, I am really able to dissect and analysis the literature that these writers use in the articles in the sports illustrated magazines. The sentences I start to recognize better along with the more sophisticated vocabulary. I mostly believe this to be true because I am looking forward to reading what I am about to read, if that makes any sense at all. I cannot sit in a room, read a book that has zero of my interest in it, then me asked to write and answer all these questions on it. I might get a little out of it, but if I was asked to give a presentation on an article in a sports magazine that I had read over the weekend I would be all over it describing the sentences that were used along with the vocabulary and so fourth. I feel as if great understanding of literature comes from the readers point of view. If you want to read what you are about to read you will get much more out of it than reading what you are told to read and answering questions on it.

Riley's Blog
While reading the article all about grades, i believe that they really dont represent any of our actual class work. Everything that we learn in class cant be compared to the letter of our grade. Although we strive on getting these types of grades, we cant really compare them to anything we did during class. There are many students that can have a high grade, but they couldve also not earned it the way I would. You have students that cheat through their grades and they dont deserve what the teacher gave them. I think this is unfair because I work for the grades that i earn, while other students get by through help or by others work. Grades cant really tell whether a student is proficient or even developing by using letter grades. i know that as a student, i can comprehend something but when it is given in test form, i cant quite get the hang of it. by this happeing my grade changes and the teachers see my level as sonething else then what it really is supose to be.

Maxx Bugg's Comment
Riley, I completely agree with you on this one. I feel that letter grades are not a fair way of measuring people. In fact, I think grades in general are kind of stupid. It is almost like putting a label on someone. If a person gets straight A's then everyone assumes that they are smart and work hard while there are people the get C's and everyone assumes that this person does not try and does not care. This is not always true however. There are a lot of people out there that get really good grades without the effort and then there are people out there that get not so good grades with a ton or effort. Putting grades on people is exactly like labeling people which everyone says is a bad thing. There is not a way to measure someones will and want to work hard to achieve something. This people nine out of ten times will become more successful than the person who did not try hard but did well. Overall, I do not think that letter grades are a good thing and in fact I do not think that any type of grade is a good thing. It is just unnecessary labels to people that add stress to our lives. Peoples work ethic and will/want to do well is what really matters, not what grades they received in high school.

Week Eleven Blog

I am very excited for the next few months in my last quarter of junior year. Mostly for the reason that I am starting to see more progress in my classes. In the heart of the third quarter I was really struggling. Not because I did not have time to do everything but because I had no motivation. When it gets dark out around five in the afternoon I have zero motivation to do any work at all. The only thing that I want to do is sleep and because of this my grades suffered. Now that it is starting to get warm out and I am busy again I actually have a new found motivation to get my work done ahead of time and done well. Another thing that I am really looking forward to doing is playing some golf. It has been a long, cold and golfless winter for me. I am ready to start playing again for the high school and over the summer for myself. Our team looks very solid so far. We should be as good if not better than we were last year and everyone knows how well the team did last year so it is bright colors for the morgan boys golf team this season. Those are some of the things that I am looking forward to doing in the future and especially these last few months of my junior year of high school.

Riley's Blog
I believe that the reason as to why we study literature is to be able to be creative and so we can comprehend what is put infront of us. this is important because while growing up, we should all have a creative side to us. by being creative, it helps us able to visualize things such as readings. being creative, we can read something and beable to visualize what the text is saying. were able to seee what the author wants us to see, and were able to make something out of the text. when were young, our teachers always stress out over the importance of being creative. this helps us also develop as we get older.

Maxx Bugg's Response
Riley, I would like to say that I completely agree with what you are saying here. In my history teachers have been telling me to be creative with my writing. Even though I have been told to do this my whole life it has really clicked in this year in Mr. Bergman's class. I have been able to use more voice in my writing to make my writing sound like me. I mostly believe this due to the free writing we do. It forces me to dig deep and keep writing even when I have nothing to write about. This is the creative side that gave me my voice that all good writers have in there books and what not. I also agree that studying literature helps you be creative. Even though I do not really enjoy analyzing text it does help. It allows me to see how other writers are able to use voice in there writing and understand why other people love their writing so much. I do agree with everything you had to say here Riley and studying literature does have a huge influence on our creativity.

Week 12 Blog

Over break I do actually plan on reading. I plan of catching up on my Golf and Golf Digest magazines. The main reason as to why I want to read these is because the golf season is just starting to get under way. In these magazines they have information about many things. Mostly ranging from up to date information about golfers, some workouts you can do to improve your game, some new clubs and finally some swing tips from the professionals. I really enjoy reading these magazines for the main reason that I just love golf and want to become better at it. By reading these magazines and learning new things I am able to go to the golf course with a fresh mind and motivated in the way of wanting to be better. My goal is to get a golf scholarship, I am getting closer and closer to running out of time so I need to find motivation to keep getting better and that is exactly what these magazines give me.

Troy's Blog
According to this blog we study literature because it can make us more intelligent . Some people say that literature can help people comprehend better, it helps us understand what people are trying to sat better. "I have met very intelligent people who do not read. But all of the interesting people I know read, whether or not they are particularly intelligent.", This quote is very accurate in some cases. Some of the smartest people in the world do not like to read, but interesting people read all the time. Now I don't think that everyone that reads is interesting but they have a way to talk and to act that is different than others. We study literature to go to different worlds. to open our imagination up and go to different places that no one has ever thought about. The journey that a person goes through while enjoying a book is different to say the least. In the article someone says that they read literature to enjoy it but the also read different literature to remind themselves that the world isn't just rainbows and cupcakes. Literature can give you the facts or it can give you a world to explore.

Maxx's Response
Troy I completely agree with what you are saying here. Literature does make us more intelligent and I think that this is the main reason behind why we study it. The human brain is an amazing piece of matter. It is able to take information in like a computer, organize it and give it meaning. If you were to really think about it this is quite an amazing thing. However, what literature gives us is that ability to practice this understanding that out brain is capable of doing. This is the driving force behind why people make us read literature, promote literature and say learning is fun. It is all so that we can exercise our brain and try to make us all more intelligent.

Week 13 Blog

Over this break I am actually not reading a book I am reading some magazines. Mostly sports illustrated and golf magazine. These two magazines really have great articles that get me very interested with what I am reading about. I have read atricles on Tiger Woods, Jordan Spieth, Rory McIlroy and Bubba Watson. It mostly talks about their childhood and what they use as their drive to want to win and work hard. I really enjoy these because I love golf and want to be the very best that I can be at the sport. All of these players have gone through what I have gone through so I can almost realte to them on how they can relate to me and I think that might be why I love reading their articles so much. Other than that I have not really been reading a novel it is just sports illustrated and golf magazine.

Gibson's Blog
Something i want to reflect on is the season premiere of the TV show, Workaholics, on comedy central that premiered on Wednesday. This episode was the season premiere of season three, and man was it a hilarious episode. The three main characters that are on this show are Blake, Adam and Anders. The beginning of the episode began with these three adults wanting to go to a Electronic music festival and of their co-workers wants to come with because his wife is pregnant and she is driving him crazy. He concludes that he will buy the tickets and all the necessities that they need for the festival if he can tag along. The day of the festival came and Blake, Adam and Anders show up to their coworkers house but its shocked when their friend says that he cant come because his wife has a baby shower going on and he cant leave, so they make a plan to sneak him out to go to the festival, but as soon as their plan goes in action, his wife goes into labor and they have to bring her to the labor center.

Maxx's Response
Gibson, I have actually never seen this show believe it or not. I have heard many things about it however. Mostly good and hardly anything is ever said about it. After reading your blog about it I think that I now have to start watching it religiously. It seems like a very funny show and the characters play a huge part in it. I have heard that all those guys are actually best friends in real life and since you seem like you watch this show quite a bit I was wondering is maybe you knew if that was a true statement. Thank you for this new found motivation to watch a good show that I have heard so many good things about.

Week 14 Blog

After finishing the play that we have been reading in class I am kind of stuck in a stranglehold between which character is my favorite. I think that overall they were all great characters since every single one had a passionate insightful feeling about what should happen with the money along with the morals of black people living in a white persons community. However, I feel that for me, Walter my favorite character. I might be a little bias since I had to play his part so in turn I might feel more stronger about his position with the money and feelings towards the community. But, he is my favorite for the reason on how he made up for his huge mistake that he made. If you have not read the play Walter blows all the money that is given to him from his mom who received an insurance check since the father died. Walter blew this money which was a huge mistake and the mom along with other family members were very made at him for doing it. However, when the man came to their house to make them basically move out of this white person neighborhood Walter redeems himself. He tells the man that they are proud black people just like their ancestors and that they will not leave the neighborhood because they have earned the right to be their and are proud of it. Because of this action that Walter does in the play he stands out to me as my favorite character but not only that, he also seems like the very most important character since he gives us the reader and the other characters in the play hope on how to not give up no matter how hard it may be and stand up for what you believe in and know to be right.

Kelly's Entry:
Over break I have been reading my free choice book. The book is called "Nineteen Minutes" by Jodi Picoult. I have not been reading much of it, but I pick it up in my spare time and read a few pages. I am not much of a reader that will always read for fun and finish a book in a week. I don't have the time and I honestly don't have the full attention for it. I love when we free read in class because it forces me to sit down and really enjoy my book and relax. Anyways, my book is good and interesting and I can't wait to reach the end. It is about a school shooting in a high school where a student was the shooter. It keeps my attention and hooked. The only thing I don't like about it is how it skips from one scene to the next.

Maxx's Response
Kelly, this book sounds really good. It actually sounds like I would enjoy it because I actually enjoy reading about things like that even though they are kind of not good things that have happened. If you know what I mean. I would like to agree with you when you said reading is not your thing. I also struggle to read a book and stay intrigued in it and read a full book in a week. That just is not me. But what I would recommend to you is that you start reading magazines. This is what I started doing and I actually found out that I find myself reading more often. It has also done wonders for my vocabulary and my writing I feel as also gotten better. I strongly suggest that you try it Kell.

Week 15 Blog

Now that we have finished the first act one Clybourne Park I am able to understand what is about to happen. I really enjoy this play actually. I like the characters more from the play A Rasin in the Sun. I do not know exactly why, it might just be the pure fact that the reading voices are much more into their characters which really helps the understanding of the story along with the interest in the story. I am very excited to see how everything play out in Act two when the story takes place in 2009. I would also like to say that if you are not taking part in the reading of the play I strongly suggest that you volunteer. It adds a different spice to the class and interest along with interpretation of the story when you actually take part and have to read what the character is suppose to say. This has immensely kept my attention to the story which has in turn made me able to understand it better.

4/25 Blog 14
My favorite character in the play, "A Raisin in the Sun," would have to be Mama. Mama is a spunky old black woman and I like her attitude. She is the oldest in the house. Because she just recently lost her husband, she has to become the head of the house. This makes her have to bare a new weight and it is tough for her. She probably gets some of her sassy attitude from having to deal with this new found responsibility. My second favorite character would be Asagai. He is very true to his culture and is proud to be of African descent. He is very positive and always thinks on the bright side of things. Asagai is a very wise and clever man.

Maxx's Comment
Connor, I agree with you about mama. She really is a great character in the play and does add a different spice to the play when it comes to attitude and humor. However, I do not think that she is the most important character. I feel that the evolution of Walter throughout the play makes him the most important character. He really changes and then surprises us with his decisions towards the end of the play. I do agree that mama was a great character in the play and I can see why she would be someone's favorite but I personally feel as if Walter should be considered the most important character.

Week 16 Blog

Why is it sometimes difficult to speak about issues of race, class,and socio-economic status?

I feel as if it is very hard to talk about this subject with many people. Mostly for the reason because every single person has slightly different views. For instense, when the topic or race comes up and there happens to be an older gentlemen in the room like my grandpa. They are extremely racist against people with different colored skin. However, this is how and when they were rasied. They were raised in a time when race was a hot topic. Therefore, it is hard for them to see the way that we view race. This makes it a very awkward conversation to have because both people have completely different point of views. The worst thing to talk about in a group but is always the most interesting is money and politics. I know we are not aloud to bring up politics in school so I will not go into that in detail but these are two of the hardest things to talk about but the most interesting by far. I feel as if it is the hardest thing to talk about because everyone has such different point of views it is hard to agree on a topic. Like weather there should be unemployment or social security. Some peoples live depend on these things and some do not. Therefore it is hard for both positions to talk about the topic because of their individual different point of views. Overall, I think that the bottom line is that the only reason that these topics are hard to talk about is because everyone has a different point of view and that it what makes it difficult to talk about.

Connor Morans Blog
This semester I am taking graphic design. That is my only class that has changed from last semester. I believe this is because i am taking band which takes the place of any electives i could take. I cannot wait until next year when i do not take a spanish class and i can actually take a study. Everyone tells me how nice it is to have a study. They can finish all their homework, study for tests, get ahead on assignments, and still enjoy themselves after school. I feel like this should be very good for me considering that i enjoy having fun and also enjoy getting good grades. I am also confident in my ability to maintain a b or higher in all my classes, especially once i am doing my homework. This means that i will even be allowed to arrive late or leave early on some days! Overall i think that the rest of my high school carreer should be pretty good!

Maxx Bugg's Comment
Connor, I am actually very interested in taking graphic design. I have heard many things good about that class. However, I cannot tell you how great it is to have a study period. Not just because you can get your homework done but because you can just have a brainless period also. Sometimes I just go into study and decide to do nothing. Maybe even take a nap. It is great because it gives you more than just that five minute passing period in between classes to regroup. I have always had a least one semester of a study period each year and I take full advantage of it at all times.

Week 18

I read the poem, "Work Boots: Still Life" by Jim Daniels. I thought that this was indeed a very powerful poem. It was very relevant to life. Mostly to the sterotype of it you work hard in life you will be rewarded. That is the theme that I felt it was based on and the theme that I had gotten out of it when I read it. What to me made this poem very powerful was the ability to link/create a relationship between the boots that lay open and a tired working man at the end of the day. This makes complete sense to me on how this man was able to create a relationship between the two. The shoes go through the entire day with you. Through the though and the good, the sweat and the cold, and also the blood and the tears. When a man goes home after a long day of work he sleeps and he sleeps hard, with his mouth wide open. That is the exact same thing that shoes do. When you take them off after a long day of work they rest with their mouth wide open. This is why this poem seemed so powerful to me because I have been through what this poem explains and I can relate to it. That is what makes this poem so great.

Ben Jackson's Blog
The poem that I chose that I thought had a powerful message was a piece titled "Animals" by author Joshua Corey, powerfully displays the significance of the creatures that we live in harmony with. A couple lines that stuck out to me as both powerful and vivid were "unknowable kingdoms and principalities,coral reefs burned black like the crouched and burdened angels, muscular sketches of our vacancy as in an etching by Blake, horizontal, the spiritual body." These couple lines painted imagery in my head like a limited edition film, that can only be seen once, a vividly rare scape of description and wonder that I find so attractive about poetry. This poem is bursting at the seams with imagery. Another couple lines I found intriguing were "In the branches snowy owls and ravens, or the rock pigeons we call pigeons, that can’t perch in trees, that swarm cities like the flying rats they are, hungry, iridescent at the neck like the rats themselves shining like a collar" more vivid imagery is found within these couple of lines that I found interesting and captivating. This poem represents its power through the imagery and significance of the words used.

Maxx Bugg's Comment
Ben, I like the sound of this poem. However, what did you get out of the poem or what did you think that the theme of the poem was? It sounds like a very intriguing and interesting poem to read along with being very sophisticated. I am not sure if I would be able to handle and comprehend this kind of poem. What kind of person would you recommend this too? You have indeed interested me in the way that I wonder if I could understand this poem and really get a theme out of it. Therefore, I think that I am going to go read it and figure that all out. But I do like what you wrote and really think that those lines you chose were very intriguing.

Week 19 Blog

Picture was of
Floyd and Lucille Burroughs, Hale County, Alabama

Brother and sister,
Husband and wife,
Nephew and niece,
Aunt and uncle,
Cousin and cousin?
Times were different back then.
We do not know,
But they do.
We can only assume.
But we all know how that turns out.

They are relaxing after a long day of work,
On the deck.
Working in the field,
Or railroad?
Times were different back then.
We do not know,
But they do.
We can only assume.
But we all know how that turns out.