Blanusa, Nathaniel

Blog 1 - January 27, 2014

In English class we get to choose a book that we would like to read during class when we have free reading. The book I am reading is called "No Easy Day" by Mark Owen. This book is written by an actual Navy Seal who went through the mission of killing Osama Bin Laden. In this book it starts out by telling us how the author knew he wanted to become an Navy seal when he grew up. The book takes you through the process that had to be done to kill Osama Bin Laden. It starts out on how he became a Navy seal with the training tests that he had to do. It also tells you in the beginning on the training that they had to do to prepare themselves for this mission. So far I am really enjoying this book. I'm not the person that would enjoy reading on my free time, I would rather go to other things like hangout with friends or play video games or go play a sport than read. But because of the free reading we get to do in class I'm starting to enjoy reading now.

Response to Kelly Thompson -
(Kelly) "The discussion of Junior Portfolio becomes more and more stressful the closer we get to March. It is frustrating because it seems as though the class of 2015 are the "guinea pigs" for this and they still don't know exactly how everything is going to work. I feel that the administrators and teachers should have planned the whole thing out, and assigned the portfolio exhibition to a class when they are 100% prepared. Also, last year was when they were still figuring everything out and that seemed to be all the teachers talked about. So, my sophomore year I got a decent amount of rubrics. However, this year it seems like many teachers have completely forgotten about it because throughout the whole first semester, I only received 2 rubrics. Many teachers have not even talked about it this year and it is coming quicker than expected. Many students don't know what they even have to do because no one has fully explained it to us, or many teachers are telling us different things. We either need to have an assembly with the junior class, or we need to talk about it in depth in our advisory classes. Students cannot graduate without passing the Junior Portfolio, which is very stressful for many students, especially when we are not sure exactly what we need to do."

I agree with Kelly 100% about the Junior Portfolio. I feel that our class tests all the new ideas that the school has for instance the Junior Portfolio. My freshman year I didn't really get a lot of rubrics from my teachers because they didn't really have a big idea on how this Junior Portfolio was going to turn out. During my sophomore year I started to get most of my rubrics that I needed because the teachers actually had a rough idea on what needed to be done to get our class prepared for this assessment. In my first semester of my Junior year I maybe got only 1 or 2 rubrics and still the teachers weren't 100% sure of how this whole Junior Portfolio is going to happen. But now that we are a couple months away from when this is all going to take place in March, the teachers are giving out more rubrics and have a whole better understanding of what is going to happen. If students fail this Junior Portfolio they will not be able to graduate. If they do fail they will be able to try again senior year, but nobody wants to be doing this their senior year. Senior year is supposed to be laid back and fun not stressful. The class of 2015 are the test dummies on everything. It is putting stress on all the students in this class.

Blog 2 - January 31, 2014

In the American Reader book I read Take Me out to the Ball Game (p.384) by Albert Von Tilzer and Jack Norworth. This song is the national anthem of the national pass time. The song is played at almost every ball game during the seventh inning stretch. Albert Von Tilzer and Jack Norwoth who wrote the music had actually never been to a baseball game. This song is most known for its chorus. "Take me out to the ball game, take me out to the crowd buy me some peanuts and crackerjack, I don't care if I never get back, let me root, root, root for the home team, If they don't win it's a shame for it's one, two, three strikes you're out, at the old ball game." Mostly everyone knows the chorus to this song. This song represents the past time of America. It represents fun, getting to go out to a ball game with your family. In the past time I feel like baseball was the biggest sport to watch, but now football is the biggest sport in America.

Response to Anthony LaMorte -
"For my American Reading assignment, I read about the Mayflower Compact. The Mayflower Compact was a document composed aboard the Mayflower by the colonists. The document states that the colonists would work together under god in order to maintain the settlement. This document could have been the item that brought all of the colonists together. I think that the colonists handled the situation very well. They had been sailing on the Mayflower for the last sixty days and many of them died during the voyage to North America. Despite the hardships of the trip, they remained positive through till the end. Even on land when they had no shelter in the dead center of Winter, many of them persevered to keep the colony alive. The Mayflower Compact was a document that could have saved the life of the colony, making it a very important part of American History."

I agree with Tony. I went back and read about the Mayflower Compact in the American Reader book. This document was a very important document for all the colonists that were aboard the Mayflower. This document gave ability for the colonists to go over to America and create a settlement. Many colonists that were aboard the Mayflower had gotten sick and died on the voyage. The passengers gave proper funerals for the people who had died. They kept on moving to America and did not give up. Despite the hardships that went on, they never gave up. Sixty days later they finally made it to the new land. They started up a new colony and made new life. This was a very important part in American History.

Blog 3 - February 6, 2014 -
During the week I had watched the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. This movie is hilarious and overall awesome. Leonardo Dicaprio is the leading actor in this movie. In the movie he is Jordan Belfort. Jordan Belfort opens up a small stockbroker firm in a old garage repair shop with his friends. They become so good at scamming money from people that Jordan Belfort opens up a company called Stratton Oakmont. He becomes a millionaire from this business. Jordan also gets addicted to drugs and sex throughout the movie. The plot scene in this movie is just wonderful. I would recommend seeing this movie, maybe not with a parent or a little kid though because of the drug and sex scenes through out this movie. This movie should definitely win a Grammy.

Response to Jen Dawson -
"The other day in class we read a poem written by Langston Hughes called "I am, too". The poem was about the racial issue that Langston had to endure while he was a child. When company was over he was to go into the other room and not say a word because of his color. This represents the American Idea because people come to America and know that blacks are treated differently than whites. Maybe not to the same extent this day in age, but the blacks are still sometimes looked at differently. The poem though also showed the determination Hughes has to solve the problem. He knows that someday the racial issue will be overcame, but right now he has to deal with it."

We also had to read the poem written by Langston Hughes called "I am, too". This poem is about racism back in the day. When company would come over, he would not be allowed to eat at the dinner table with them. He would have to go into the other room and eat his dinner there. He never stood up for himself, he just continued to eat by himself. He did not like this one bit. This poem represents the American Idea because people come to America for freedom and equal rights. Everyone is treated equally now a days. It doesn't matter what color skin you are or the type of background you grew up in. Everyone gets the same opportunity, but others can make more from that opportunity than others can. Back in the old days slavery was a big deal and that wasn't right. People fought for equal rights and everyone should be able to be together and not have to be in different areas because of skin color.

Blog 4 - February 14, 2014

This week in English class we read a short story called "Teenage Wasteland". This story was about a boy named Donny that has trouble with school. Donny goes to a private school, but his grades aren't so good. His mom starts helping him and his grades start to improve. Donny is recommend an tutor. His parents find Cal to help Donny tutor him. When Cal started tutoring Donny his grades didn't improve, only his attitude really changed. Cal is more like a person you would hangout with not a tutor. As the story goes on Donny gets kicked out of private school for having beer in his locker. Donny says that it isn't his fault, but his parents don't believe him. Donny ends up going to public school, but during finals he never came back home. Donny ran away from home. His parents believe that it was all their fault, they never listened to Donny or trusted him on things.

Response to Tony LaMorte -

"This week in English class, we watched an episode of Boomtown which was named Crash. Throughout the episode, Fearless and all the others had been working on the case. One lady named Vicki was an old friend of Fearless' and she ended up being the mastermind behind the entire operation. Fearless knew this and he had to make a choice between arresting her or letting her go. Fearless decided that work was more important than his own personal affairs, and he arrested her. This is the correct choice because work should be more important, especially when it is a matter such as this. Fearless is a good worker because he sacrificed his own personal happiness in order to solve the case. This shows how he is able to handle his job effectively."

I agree with Tony 100 percent. We also did watch the episode named Crash. When Vicki shows up to the police station, Fearless's feelings for her come back. He is finally happy with his life. Throughout the episode Fearless figures out that Vicki was the leader of the entire operation. She made the plan to have the guys cause that car crash. She says that this was the easiest way to make money. When Fearless finds this out, he has to make a big decision. He had to decided whether or not he was going to let her go or bring her down to the police station. Fearless puts his work in front of his personal life and he ends up taking Vicky down to the police station. From doing this it shows us that Fearless is a good worker and cares a lot about his job.

Blog 5 - February 21, 2014

Over February break I started a new TV series to watch on netflix. I started to watch the TV show called Orange Is The New Black. I got recommended by Kyle to watch this show. He said that it is a pretty good TV show. So I decided to watch it over break. From the first three episodes that I watched, I must say that this show is good. The main character ends up going to jail for something she had did when she was back in college. She has had a hard time adjusting to prison. She finally does make friends when she first gets there. This show is sort of like prison break but she isn't trying to break out of women's prison. If you are looking for a show to watch on Netflix, I would suggest this show.

Response to Stephen Gorski

"So far im still not looking to junior portfolio. I still need like two more rubrics to have them all. Im still unsure on how we will be presenting this to the people and how we will be graded. All of this is unclear and its not that far away either. So the school has done a bad job on giving understanding and enforcing the rubrics to be given. Usually I receive the same rubrics like writing constantly and no other ones. So this makes it some what difficult and more annoying. I still disagree with the whole concept as well, how does showing random rubrics show how you learned in school. When these are just randomly given out or used on good assignments. So if someone brings all good ones that they made from A graded papers then they will appear good but this doesn't mean they learned or did good in that class at all. They could have done completely terrible on their other papers. But just grades don't show our understanding and learning either. But still this is a stupid graduation requirement. They need to rethink of a way to tell if we are actually improving and learning overall. I don't think this will last many years before they change and improve it, because right now its not that great."

I agree with Stephen. I too am not looking forward to Junior Portfolio. It is less than a month away and teachers still do not have a definite answer on how this is all going to work. Even though I have all my rubrics that I need, I am still not excited for this. I am not the best at public speaking. Actually I suck at public speaking. I think that the teachers should let us know exactly how this is going to happen. They should also show us how they are going to grade us on it. Personally, junior portfolio is stupid and it should not be a graduation requirement. I also believe that they aren't going to fail anyone unless you do not show up to it because it's the first year they are doing this and it isn't going to be perfect. In the end junior portfolio should not be a thing.

Blog 6 - February 27, 2014

Today in class we read a short story called Tall Chairs. In this story the 3 and 1/2 year old kid is the main character. The story is told through his perspective. The kid only gets to see his father once a month and that is only if his father remembers to hangout with him. His father brings him to a bar when they hangout and has him play songs on the juke box and drink coke. The kid is always looking up to his father. When he see's his father sitting in the tall chairs at the bar, he wants to grow up and be a big man like his father and sit in those tall chairs. His father brings him back home to his mothers house. While they are their, the father goes to the bathroom and his son follows him and watches him as he goes to the bathroom. The father yells at his son, but his son doesn't understand what he is saying. The father tells him to stop watching him go to the bathroom but he is still watching him. Once the father is done he grabs his sons hand and turns him around and hits him. He brings the child into the room and is about hit him again when the kids mother walks out. The mother stares the father down and the father ends up leaving with out saying anything. The kid blames his mother on why his father left in the first place.

Response to Jen Dawson
"Today in class we read a short story called Tall Chairs. The story was about a young three year old boy who loved his father dearly. His father did not live with him though, the boy lived with his mother and would occasionally visit his father. However, every time he visited his father he loved it so much, he would look up to his father and do nothing but wish to grow up like him. The one thing the kid didn't understand was that his dad is an alcoholic. The boy just thought the dad was this amazing person, and even when the dad yelled at him for no reason and hit and abused him, the boy never thought anything of it. It was sad to see how much this boys loves his father, but doesn't realize what his father was actually doing. Meanwhile, the mom locked the dad out of the house and the boy was angered at the mom for chasing the father away. The whole story shows a misunderstanding."

I agree with half of what you are saying in this Jen. I do think that the whole story shows a misunderstanding. The little boy doesn't think of why his dad is hitting him. He just wants to be like his father. Maybe if his father was there for his son more often than just one time a month things would be different between them. The part I disagree on is that I don't think that his dad is an alcoholic. Yes he did bring his 3 1/2 year old son to a bar which isn't right. But at the same time the little boy was having a fun time getting to play songs out of the juke box and he also got to spend time with his father. Maybe it wasn't the best choice for his father to bring him there, but the boy had fun. The father could have brought his son to a park and played with him there. He only see's him once a month, so he should spend the most time with his son that he gets. In the end I do agree that this whole story is a misunderstanding though.

Blog 7 - March 7, 2014
The American Idea shows itself in literature through stories. It can show the American Idea throughout stories by telling a story that has to do with hard work and earnings. The American idea can be about hard work, people come to America for a new experience. They want a place where they can start a new life and get work. People work hard to buy nice things that they cherish. There are many examples that show the American Idea. For example in stories there is usually a lesson that is learned. These lessons can relate to the American Idea like if you work hard you will earn what you want. Another lesson you could learn from stories that relate to the America Idea can be about freedom. Some stories tell about freedom and how people came over to America because where they used to live it wasn't safe there.

Response to Kelly Thompson
"The American Idea can be shown in many ways through literature. It can be read though many books or online sources. However, I believe that the American Idea can also be shown through experience and every day life. The American Idea is in the eye of the beholder, and it is based off of actions made by the American people. I have seen opportunity, freedom, and happiness with my own eyes, which are some of the things I believe make up the American Idea. I have also read articles that talk about it, and the different opinions and perceptions on it. It can be read through many social commentaries as well. It is a hard idea to wrap your mind around, especially if it is simply shown through literature, not stated. It is a broad concept that could be hidden in books, the streets, and most of all the American people. Literature can have a lot to say about it."

I agree with Kelly. The American Idea is hard to find in literature. In literature it is most of time the time not stated. You have to think about what that book is saying. I also agree with Kelly that the American Idea is in the eye of the beholder. The American Idea is based off people's actions. People get all sorts of opportunity's, but they need to take advantage of those chances. Opportunity's aren't going to always be there for you. Literature has a lot to say about the American Idea. You just need to be able to pick it out of the book and know what they are trying to say.

Blog 8 - March 13, 2014
After reading this article about the SAT's I think it is good on what Debbie Stier did. She devoted her life to getting a perfect score on the SAT's. It's good that she made a book discovering the ways to beat the SAT's. I connected when she said she would try to get her son to study for the SAT's but he would rather play halo. Personally I would rather play my play station 4 than study for the SAT's. Let alone I barely study for tests/quizzes. I feel that everyone is nervous for the SAT's. You want to do your best, so you can get into the college of your dream. The SAT's definitely put a lot of stress on you to do good. If you prepare yourself for the SAT's you should be able to get a good score.
Response to Riley Musial
"For this week we had to read a SAT article that is talking about kids nowadays taking the SAT's. This story is completly true with how theres people half asleep taking these test either ready for it or not. Ive taken the SAT's twice now and I remember not studying due to not knowing how to, and how nervous I was, not to mention I was half asleep taking them because it on my Saturday off, and bright and early in the day. We have a few hours of sleep to take these tests, and four straight hours of taking them. The teachers that we are assigned have to go through all the warnings before passing the tests out, and they only give us a few five minute break every once and a while. In my opinion, five minutes is not enough to have a break. I remember my brain being fried and once those five minutes were over, i was finally detoxing from the previous test, but have to quickly jump into the next one. these tests are long and very painful to take. i know it is important to take these tests because colleges look at these scores for your admission, but they also help with certain scholarships. this is important for any student becasue scholarships help with the payments for their EXPENSIVE college."

Even though I have not yet taken the SAT's I agree with Riley. Nobody wants to wake up bright and early on a Saturday and have to go sit in a classroom for 4 hours straight. I think everyone would rather be sleeping in than taking the SAT's. I remember when we took the PSAT's last year we'd only get like a five minute break in between each section. Personally I don't think that is the right amount of time to give students after they just completed a portion of the SAT's. They should give you 15-20 mins after each section, so you can cool down and regenerate. From taking the PSAT's it showed that the tests are going to be painful to take and that the real SAT's are going to be long. I also agree with Riley that these tests are very important for getting into college. Colleges look at your SAT scores and if you do very well on them, you are going to have a better chance of getting into the college of your dreams. The SAT'S also help with scholarships. Scholarships can help a student out in many ways. It reduces the price for college which is very good. College is very expensive.

Blog 9 - March 20, 2014
I personally like how our school grades our work. I think the academic rubrics and the letter grades are good. The academic rubrics let us know how we are doing in each area. They make us want to get exemplary on all indicators. With giving letter grades, it allows students to know how good or bad they are doing in a class. The letter grades should make you want to strive for high A's. When it comes to letter grades though people can get competive and brag about what grade they got in a course. I feel like that makes you want to get a better grade instead of that person which makes you study and do all your work. Our school doesn't need to change the grading system that they have. If they were to change the grading system it would be a long process.

Response to Macy Lebert
This article on grades makes a lot of sense to students but not to too many adults and that is why I think this article is very surprising. I agree with the way the veteran teacher scored her students with a mastery scale. I think that point grading scales are misleading because I know a ton of people who are in the honors program that do not deserve to be because all they do is cheat. So when these people get to college and the real world where they cant cheat they are going to be screwed. Also, a student could be a genius but have no focus to do their homework so that brings their grades down tremendously. I believe that the system we use now isn't as effective as it could be but students do know what they have to do to earn good grades which should be enough to motivate them to do well with this grading system. Until there is a new system I think that the one we have now is okay to use but not as effective as it can be and with some teachers experimenting maybe our kids will have a great grading system for when they are in school.

I agree with Macy. I liked how the verteran teacher scored her students with a mastery scale. I also think that point grade scales are misleading because students cheat all the time just to get better grades. The students that cheat now aren't going to probably do the best in College if they rely on cheating to get there grades. I think homework is pointless. A student could be really smart and not do any of the homework which will bring down their grade in that class. School work needs to stay in school and out of our lives that are out of school. We go to school for roughly 7 hours a day, we don't need another 1-3 hours of homework a night. Most of the time homework is just busy work that a teacher gives. Until they come out with a new grading system, I think the system we have no is fine how it is.

Blog 10 - March 28, 2014
I think we study literature to get knowledge from it. When we study literature it can open us up to all new kinds of things. There are many types of literature out there in the world. For example if you want to read about a specific person you would read an biography or an autobiography. This would help you understand more about the persons life and what it was like. If you wanted to read literature just for fun you would want to read a fiction story. Fiction stories are made for people to enjoy them. Reading should relax people. Literature can be a tool to release stress from the human body. In the end literature is a good thing to have. You can read literature for fun or you can read literature to learn something from it.

Response to Troy Ribieiro
According to this blog we study literature because it can make us more intelligent . Some people say that literature can help people comprehend better, it helps us understand what people are trying to sat better. "I have met very intelligent people who do not read. But all of the interesting people I know read, whether or not they are particularly intelligent.", This quote is very accurate in some cases. Some of the smartest people in the world do not like to read, but interesting people read all the time. Now I don't think that everyone that reads is interesting but they have a way to talk and to act that is different than others. We study literature to go to different worlds. to open our imagination up and go to different places that no one has ever thought about. The journey that a person goes through while enjoying a book is different to say the least. In the article someone says that they read literature to enjoy it but the also read different literature to remind themselves that the world isn't just rainbows and cupcakes. Literature can give you the facts or it can give you a world to explore.

I agree with Troy. The reason people study literature is either to make them more intelligent or give them a sense to what is going on around the world. Literature can help people comprehend a lot better. From reading literature it can open you up to higher vocabulary. It increases your vocabulary use when talking to adults or even friends. Even the smartest people in the world probably did not enjoy reading and most probably didn't read at all. Just because you don't read it does not mean that you are stupid. Reading can open you up to a new world. It can let you know what is going on in the world and that not everywhere is all joyful. Everyone should at least read some sort of literature during their lifetime.

Blog 11 - April 4, 2014
Over these next few months I can't wait for our lacrosse games. I've played lacrosse since 4th grade. This is my 8th year of lacrosse and I love playing the sport. I am also looking forward to the end of the school year. I want the summer. I'm tired of school and the work. It is starting to get nice out and nobody wants to be stuck in a school for 6 hours a day. Another thing I'm excited for is if we get 95% of the junior class to participate in SBAC testing than we can be exempt from finals if we have a grade of 85 or better for second semester. As of now I would only be taking one exam which is awesome for me. That is what I'm looking forward to in the next few months.

Response to April Reed-
Tomorrow is prom and im looking forward to getting out of school early and dressing up. but that's not what im really looking forward too. im excited for the end of the year and summer. im excited to see what finals i dont have to take too. im mainly excited to start looking deeper into colleges and choosing the one i want to go to. my reach school is RISD its the number one design school in America and extremely hard to get into but Mr.Enoch says that i have a good chance. im excited to start my senior year and just get done with Junior year. Junior portfolio is over and sbac is almost done too. so much has happened our junior year that im excited to see the final results and move on to bigger and better things. high-school has gone by quick and every year goes quicker and quicker. we are told that in middle school to make the best of it because of how fast it goes by but we dont really believe it untill we live it. senior year is when the most memories are made and this summer is the last summer for some people and than we go into college.

I agree with what some of the things that April is looking forward to in the next couple of months. I'm excited for prom, it is the first time we are going, so it should be a good and fun experience. I'm also exited for the end of the year and summer. Nobody wants to sit in the school for roughly 6 hours a day while it's nice outside. I am also excited to see what finals I do not have to take. I can't wait to start looking into colleges and seeing on where I want to spend the next 4 years of my life. Choosing a college is a hard decision, it needs to suit you. I am also excited for senior year. Junior year hasn't been that hard for me, but I just want it to be over with. Junior Portfolio is finally over and SBAC testing is almost done too. Before we know it Senior year is going to be over and we are all going to be going our separate ways. That is what I'm looking forward to over the next few months.

Blog 12 - April 11, 2014
When we started reading A Raisin in the Sun I wasn't in class so I did not get to read the beginning of it, so I didn't have a clear understanding of what was going on in it. After finishing up act 1 today, I like the play. It is a very good play and would recommend people to read it. It has many good lessons throughout the play. I like how the characters all fit together in the play, it is really good that they do. I feel like with Ruth having the baby gives it a twist between her and Walter Lee. Mama finally gets the check that she has been waiting for. Her family keeps on asking her what she is going to do with it, but she never has a specific answer. This makes me want to keep on reading the play to figure out what Mama is going to do with that money. I hope we can finish up the play tomorrow and find out what Mama does with the money that she receives.

Response to Amanda Auger -
So far "A Rainsin in the Sun" is a good play. I like it so far and I hope that we get to read the other acts in class and finish the play. I like how this play is different from what we've read in class this year. There are many lessons behind this play and I want to be able to figure them all out from continuing to read in class. I like the characters in this play because they are all so different, but fit together. I think Ruth being pregnant puts such a twist on the story because it creates even more conflict between Ruth and Walter Lee. I think we should finish reading the play so we can find out if Ruth keeps her baby or not. I also like this play because we never know what Mama is going to do wit her money; she has so many ideas but we have not figured it out yet. I think in the end she is going to put the money down for a home for her and her family to live in so that they do not have rent anymore.

I agree with Amanda, "A Raisin in the Sun" is a good play. I do enjoy it so far and I also hope that we get to read the other acts in class and finish up the play. I like how this play has many lessons in it and I would like to be able to figure them all out. The characters fit all together throughout the play. I also like this play because we do not know what Mama is going to do with the money that she has gotten and it leaves us wondering. Overall this play is very good.

Blog 13 - April 17, 2014
Over the break I have been reading "No Easy Day". This book is a first hand account of the Osama Bin Laden mission. He also shares other missions that lead up to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. The main character takes us through how he became a member of seal team six. He also shares with us on what type of training he had to go through. Once you start reading this book, you do not want to put it down. This book is very good. If you like military books then this book is for you. I would recommend this book. That is what I have been reading over the summer.

Response to Gibson Silva
Something i want to reflect on is the season premiere of the TV show, Workaholics, on comedy central that premiered on Wednesday. This episode was the season premiere of season three, and man was it a hilarious episode. The three main characters that are on this show are Blake, Adam and Anders. The beginning of the episode began with these three adults wanting to go to a Electronic music festival and of their co-workers wants to come with because his wife is pregnant and she is driving him crazy. He concludes that he will buy the tickets and all the necessities that they need for the festival if he can tag along. The day of the festival came and Blake, Adam and Anders show up to their coworkers house but its shocked when their friend says that he cant come because his wife has a baby shower going on and he cant leave, so they make a plan to sneak him out to go to the festival, but as soon as their plan goes in action, his wife goes into labor and they have to bring her to the labor center.

I agree with Gibson. This premiere of Workaholics was an hilarious episode. Adam, Blake, and Anders are three hilarious characters. They are actually the main characters which makes it a lot better. Workaholics is a very hilarious show. People should definitely watch the TV show.

Blog 14 - April 25, 2014
My favorite character in A Raisin in the Sun was Walter Lee. Walter Lee is my favorite character because he denies the offer they receive to not move into the new house that his grandmother has bought for the entire family. At first, Walter thought taking the money and not moving into the all white neighborhood was the best thing for them. None of the family members agreed with him on this and they were not liking the idea of it. Walter finally comes to his senses and denies the offer. His grandfather had worked hard for that money that his grandmother had received and Walter knew that that's what his grandfather would of wanted to happen. If Walter had taken that offer, his grandfather would of definitely of been mad at him for that. When the guy comes over to their house to give them the offer and Walter tells him that he does not accept it, the guy is shocked. Walter has his entire family there to also tell the guy that they do not accept the offer. In the end the family gets to move into the new house after all. Their grandfather would have been happy for what Walter had done. That is why Walter is my favorite character in A Raisin in the Sun.

Response to Connor Moran
My favorite character from a raisin in the sun is Asagai. I really like Asagai because of his upbeat and positive attitude. It's always an eyeopener for me when a person from another country comes to mine and is so happy and loves everything while most people couldn't be more unhappy with how they live. People like Asagai make me appreciate how i live. I realize that running water and having food everyday is pretty nice! Most people in the world live this way now, however in some parts people still have it rough, especially 60 years ago. I feel like Beneatha should go to Africa with Asagai, it would be a great experience and it would really make her appreciate all the little things that us Americans take for granted. Everyone should travel to a country other than theirs at leats once. That way we can see what life is like outside of our American bubble. Americans are so ignorant and oblivious to the rest of the world, I do not want to be like that i want to be uplifting aware like Asagai.

I agree with Connor, another one of my favorite characters in A Raisin in the Sun has to be Asagai. I enjoy his positive attitude that he has on life. Asagai wants Beneatha to go back to Africa with him. I think this would be a good opportunity for her. She could get practice for becoming a doctor down in Africa. This would really benefit her in many ways. Also, everyone should travel to another country and see how that country is like and how it compares to the United States. If Beneatha was smart then she would definitely go back to Africa with Asagai.

Blog 15 - May 2, 2014
I enjoy reading the play Clybourne Park. This is a very good play and it is interesting. Every time we read it in class it catches my attention. Even though we have not gotten far into the play it is interesting. I want to know what is going to happen when Walter Lee and his family moves into the all white neighborhood. I'm wondering if they are going to get harassed when they move in there. I wonder how the kids are going to be treated too. Are the white kids going to want to hangout with them? Are their parents not going to let their children play with them because of the color of their skin? These are my initial thoughts about Clybourne Park.

Response to Amanda Auger

My initial thoughts of Clybourne Park are a little confused because the story is hard to read, but other than that I like it so far. I like how it is an extension of Raisin in the Sun and how they both tie in. I really do not care for Karl so far though. I don't like how it is such a big deal that a black family is moving into their neighborhood. What makes their neighborhood so great and special? I am excited to continue reading this story in class because I really have no idea how this story is going to play out. So far, however, I like A Raisin in the Sun better because of the way each story was set up. I also like how the students picked for some of the roles fit perfectly with the characters, like Karli makes a good Karl and Justin makes a good Russ. They both play their parts well.

I agree with Amanda, my thoughts of Clybourne Park are also a little bit confused about the story. I also do like how it is an extension of a Raisin in the Sun. I think thats cool how they did that. Clybourne Park and A Raisin in the Sun both tie in together very well. One character that I do not enjoy in the play is Karl. There shouldn't be a problem with a black family moving into their neighborhood. Anyone can live where ever they please to live. I also agree with Amanda on how some of the students in the class fit perfectly with the characters. Karli makes a good Karl and Justin makes a good Russ. Those parts are played very well.

Blog 16 - May 9, 2014
It is difficult to discuss issues of race, class, and social - economic status because you don't know how the person is going to react to whom you are speaking. Not everyone has the same views on subjects and something that you can say could come across as offensive to them. For example, in Clybourne Park, race is used during conversations. The white family that has recently bought the house wants to destroy the house and rebuild it up and bigger. The only problem is that they need to let the black family that used to live there know what they are doing to it. Conversations arise between each other and the black family thinks it has to do with race. The white family isn't trying to come across that their choice to destroy the house and rebuild it up has nothing to do with race, but the black family does not see that. Also when talking about class with people it could be difficult. If you are in the upper class that has wealth you aren't going to want to talk about how many nice things you can afford because it is can come across to people as bragging. It is hard to discuss issues of race, class, and social economic status.

Response to Karli Robertson
It is sometimes difficult to speak about issues such as race, class, or social-economic status because you never know how the other person is going to digest your ideas. There is always that worry in the back of my mind that something I say will come across as offensive to someone else, yet that wasn't my point. If there is a conversation between a white man and a black man, such in Clybourne Park, someone is going to get offended when the topic of race is brought up. In the play, Steve is apprehensive about bringing up race because of Lena and Kevin, who are African American. When he does, it launches a feud between them. Referring to class or social-economic status, someone is going to be offended if the richer class offended the poor yet I don't believe the rich would be effected if the poor said something about them. The middle class is stuck in the middle and sometimes falls into the tendencies of the upper class. One's social-economic status is not under there control;it could be controlled by their job, family, or if they don't earn anymore. While these are touchy subjects, someone is going to have to bring up the subjects and someone is bound to get offended.

I agree with Karli, you never know when you are talking to someone that something you say could come across as offensive to them. In Clybiourne Park, race is definitely around. Lena and Kevin think race is a big part in why Steve and his wife want to take down the house and rebuild it back up. Kevin and Lena do not want this to happen because Lena's grandparents used to live in that house and she has many memories in that house. Also, with class or social-economic status, people could get offended if the richer class offends the middle class or the lower class. But it wouldn't work the other way, the rich wouldn't get offended most likely if the poor or middle class were to make fun of them. Race, class, and social economic status are tough subjects to talk about without having someone being offended.

Blog 18 - May 23, 2014

GTA: San Andreas (or, “Grove Street, bitch!”)

By Jacob Saenz Jacob Saenz
I play on Grove Street,
live on Grove Avenue.
Find me in the streets dressed
in greens like groves.
On the avenue, I’m a blue
jeans type of guy.
In the streets, never leave
home w/out my 9mm.
On the avenue, always carry
my pen & wine key, in case
some fool blows his cork.
My UZI sings songs in
the streets—rat-a-tat-tat.
Birds chirp-chirp-chirp
in trees on the avenue.
Rolling down the street
w/my lady—what she wanna do?
“Let’s do a drive-by.”
Rushing down the avenue
w/my baby: “I’m hungry.
Let’s do drive-thru.”
I’ll punch punks purple & blue
in the streets, bleed ’em w/bullets.
On the avenue, I’ll leave punching
to punks dressed in blues, reds,
et cetera & mind my own.

I really enjoyed this poem because it is related to a video game. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is one of the games in the GTA series. This poem describes what the game is about and I clicked with that. I like many lines of this poem. For example one line that I liked is "My UZI sings song in the streets-rat-a-tat-tat." I find this line very funny. If you have ever played grand theft auto San Andreas then you would understand this poem. I enjoy playing video games, so this poem sort of connected with me.

Response to Kyle Schiess
God Particles
This poem speaks of the atom. How they are always present, how they are what give life, and how they are passed from person-to-person; thing-to-thing. This reminds me of a central belief in many religions that everything is connected. Atoms can be the literal interpretation of reincarnation. "Giving back to the earth" so to speak. The atoms found in this keyboard may have once been inside an animal that drank river water. The atoms that we all breath out find their way to plant life. Those atoms could then be transformed into sugar or maybe oxygen. Thinking about these "God Particles" really gives me a sense of fitting into this earth. It does not necessarily give me a purpose, only a reason. It makes you appreciate being born a human. This probably makes me sound like a complete tool, but we are all "one with the earth" by way of atoms.

I agree with everything Kyle has said in this poem. I do like Kyle's description that he gives of the atom. But I think that the author that wrote the poem gives a better description than of what Kyle says. Atoms are important in life. Everything can be connected from atoms.

Blog 19 - May 30,2014
Photograph: Junkscape 1935 by Walker Evans

Tons of cars that all sit alone
In a lonley junkyard
On green grass with nothing to do.
Old cars with parts missing
From them.
Nobody wants to drive them anymore
So the get left at the junkyard.
Maybe you get cash for them
And maybe you don't
That's how life goes.
The junkyard is not gated
Allowing anyone to enter
Person or animal.
All kinds of animals make
Homes within this junkyard
Wether it be in the green grass
Or in those rusty old cars.
Squirrels, Birds, Rats, Deers, Wolfs, Racoons
All make their homes here.
Little kids play in the junkyard
With all their friends
Playing hide and go seek.
In the end it is just a lonley old