I recently watched the movies Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Let Me Explain. Though these movies being vastly different in topic, messages, and styles, they both great movies. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas is in a gist about a journalist going to Las Vegas with his lawyer and friend to cover a major off road race. However, during the venture on which they partake in they consume multiple drugs from acid to cocaine and you get a satirical perspective on the life of two middle aged “hippies”. Let Me Explain, on the other hand, is a stand up of Kevin Hart at Madison Square Garden and it is filmed from multiple camera angles which most major comedic stand ups are. Both this movies have in common the idea of comedy and while Let Me Explain is dominantly about comedy. Fear and Loathing uses comedy multiple times to help intertwine the inner lying messages and ideals into the movie itself. These types of comedic yet deep movies use situations some more practical than others. These situations just like the satire help display and in a sense nudge the view to depict the underlying themes. These both making good flicks.

1/27/14 (Response to Joe)
In response to Joe's recent experience watching Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, I can also relate with a movie I watched about a month ago. This movie was The Wolf of Wall street. I addressed this movie in another one of my blogs but not in comparison to another students point of view. The movie was filmed in a similar satirical style, with hints of black comedy that pertain to the main characters foolish behavior. I have to agree with Joe that both films address somewhat of a naivety to the characters flaws and make jokes of them as if they are not problems in their lives. From this idea, we have the use of black comedy which seems to fit nicely with the main characters lust for money and power, and overall their irresponsibility as characters within the film. As for underlying themes, both films are rich with eye opening cinematic moments that bring the main characters to a "moment of truth" as one may call it, and shows us that the black comedy, can work both ways in cinema. It can be found comical from the pure ridiculousness of a scene, or it can be used to surprise the viewer with comedy that may cross the line between being, dangerously funny, and downright threatening to one of the characters well being. This fine line within films like these can be used to the directors advantage in order to portray scenes, and messages that normally would lose some of there cinematic taste if done otherwise. I feel that black comedy's hold this quality that some films, and shows like Dexter and Breaking Bad (two superb black comedies) fail to bring to the table, and entertaining and risky aura that leaves the viewer hooked on the main characters questionable, yet entertaining behavior.