1/23/2014 week 1
Throughout this year I have read a few books. In the summer I reread the Rangers Apprentice series. it was about an orphan named will who became a ranger under the guidance of the most famous rangers Halt. Will become just as famous as Halt in many different times. He had help with his friend Horace as well. After that I read the Eragon series. This books where really good I finished the four books by the time soccer season was over. After that I haven't really read anything but I might start reading the harry Potter series unless I find a book I like.
Troy said. "Through out the year I have had to write many stories using SAT vocabulary. This is a good method for understanding new words and trying to comprehend new ways in including these words in everyday life. the story consists of ten words that an average person wouldn't use normally, and they are hard to incorporate in a story, that is being made up on the fly. The stories are suppose to go on week after week, but it is hard to tie in ideas when you have to use words you don't really know. Even though this does help a persons vocabulary, and maybe a persons SAT score it is difficult and hard to incorporate words into.
During the year we also had to write about the American idea. most people think that the American idea is a happy family with parents with jobs, and a nice house. really in America people are in poverty and are struggling to get a job. I'm not saying that America isn't happy; because it is and the freedom you have here is great too. some people have different views on the American idea, and it is different for everyone. We did a paper reflecting on different people views and we also did a prezi on them as well."
I agree with troy because writing the vocab stores have been fun and a good way to try to remember all those words. It was fun that every story was about something different. some weeks i wrote about the walking dead and others it was made up stuff. I also agree that trying to make up stories is hard at some times. many of the words that we were given haven't gone together nicely and it is hard to think of how to us ten vocab words hat all start with a. But on the other hand the American Idea paper has been fun. I got to ask my family what they believe in was well as looking at papers for things that i agree with. My favotite thing this year was the free reading however.

1/31/2014 week 2
During the American Reader book i read a piece on the Pledge of allegiance. It was about how the how the Pledge first started in a Youth's Companion magazine in 1892. It was written as a Piece for the 400th anniversary of Christopher Columbus. At the time it said "I pledge allegiance to my flag and the Republic for which it stands; one nation indivisible, with liberty and justice for all." In the 1950's there was a little dilemma behind the writing. Two writers claimed they wrote the Pledge. In 1957 the U.S Liberty of Congress supported Bellamy as the author. According to the law passed in 1954 the person who is saying the pledge has to stand up, remove any headwear, and put his right hand over his heart. Now this I do not believe in because you cannot force someone to do something.

For my American reading assignment I chose and Emily Dickenson poem that is called success. This poem is very inspirational and could inspire many. I think that it can be understood in many different ways, because it talks about breaking and being sore to get to the top. but it also says that only the one that worked to get where he is, is the only one that can glorify himself, because he did it and nobody else did. he is the only one that can brag about himself, because he is the only one that knows what he went through. it says success is the sweetest and it requires the sorest needs. which is saying that you have to work hard to get what you want or else you wont get it. Emily Dickenson today is one of the few American poets who is regularly discussed of in schools. this is because her poems are short, but also because they do not require an experts opinion, each person can think of there own opinion because they are so simple to understand. her poems are straight to the point.

I agree with Troy’s statement because Emily Dickenson is my favorite poets. My favorite poem by her is If I can stop but one heart from breaking. Emily Dickenson wrote a lot of poems and she didn’t not even title many of them. Emily herself was a depressed person she stayed at her house all the time. However her poems inspire many people.

2/6/2014 week 3
During this week for English we watched Boom Town. Boom Town is a detective show from the late 1990's to the early 2000's. Overall it is a good show that is like NCIS and other detective shows. In the show my favorite character is Joel. This is because he is the quite guy with problems and he still can get his job done. Other then watching Boom Town, I also read ESPN sport updates about the Red Sox and other teams. I enjoy learning who the Red Sox let go who they got and how some of the hurt players from last year are recovering. On the Red Sox my favorite player is between Dustin Pedroia and Clay Buchholz. However my favorite player of all time is tied with three players, Pedro Martinez, Nomar Garciaparra, and Jacoby Ellsbury.
Evan Barillaro
Week 3: Last Friday we watched Boomtown in class. In this episode, a mechanic is persuaded by his friend to cause a crash in order to get false insurance money. But there is more to the episode than that. At the beginning of the episode, we meet a character named Victoria who is an investigator for the insurance company of the victims of the crash. But there is something special about this character. We later found out in the episode that Victoria and Fearless have a past. During the episode, Fearless explains to Joe that he feels like this could be the start of something new. But he soon finds out that it wasn't what he thought it would be. He figures out that she was behind the whole thing. At the end of the episode, Fearless has a tough decision to make. He either has to do his job and arrest her or trust her when she says, "This was the last time I swear," and let her go. Fearless does end up arresting Victoria and finishes the job.

I think this was a good episode. Of the Boom Town TV series I have only watched four videos. Of all of them this is tied with the first episode we watched for the best. however I do feel bad about fearless because he is about 40 and doesn’t have a girl friend and when he finally finds one she turns out to be an criminal. I also started to like Roy because he tried to help the truck driver and he felt responsible for him even though at the end he drove his truck throw the house. The Female paramedic I like too because she stayed with the boy who was in a coma and she know once he wakes up his life would be changed because he lost both his parents. Overall think now this is my favorite episode.

week 4 2/13/14
During this week I read an article about how the Patriots and Seahawk organizations are among groups that are interested in Missouri Michael Sam. Sam is the first Pro football player to come out and say he is gay. Missouri had one of the best season they have had in years. Personally I think that one of the big organizations should sign Sam. Other things I have done this week relating to English is reading other ESPN about the Red Sox. The Red Sox have lost a few players this year because of free agency such as my favorite player Jocoby Elsberry. Their starting rotation is staying pretty much the same. Lester and Buchholz are both good pitchers I think.
Mikayla Jones
Blog/Week Four February 13, 2014: This past week we have been discussing education and schooling a lot. We have been discussing how school makes us feel and why that is. Overall most of us believe that school almost feels pointless and that nothing really relates to each other. The way we feel may be a bit exaggerated; however, our schooling system in my opinion does need to be updated to fit the way kids now want to learn. This is a difficult thing to do since all people learn differently; therefore it is easier to just continue the school system as it is. If you keep the system as it is though I feel as though more and more kids will start realizing that all they do in school is follow this basic routine that we are all taught at a young age. We learn to sit in a class about one subject and focus on just that, then when the bell goes off we get up and go focus on a new class that has almost nothing to do with the other classes. We learn to sit there, listen, memorize the information, and then take a test to show that you know the information. If you pass the class you get to move on, and possibly move up to a higher level class, and if you fail you clearly are not following what you were taught and therefore are moved to a lower class or forced to repeat. Some of the classes we take anyway have nothing to do with what we want to do; however, we are still forced to take them in order to graduate and half the time you miss out on the chance of learning something to do with your passion. I feel as though we need to adjust schooling system, there are many alternate options which im sure will eventually be used; however, the sooner you start a new educating system the more people become interested in school and you will probably see better results. I really feel as though the schooling system needs to be changed and the sooner it is the better.

Week 5 2/21/14
Last night i looked up information about what i want to do for a living. Right now I am on the side leaning more for Nursing or being a PA but on the other hand i do really like civil engineering. Each ones has there pros and cons. For engineering there is the fact that i love building. Half of my family has jobs in the different feilds of building as well. The cons are that you are stuck in an office for most of the time and that you are not garineed a job in the way our economy is going. On the other hand the other half of my family works in or around the feild of hospitals. My step dad is a PA and my mom is a Tech. Some good traits are that you are always moving around and that you get to help save peole and make a difference in the world. The only con that i can think of though is the fact that saving lives is a very stressful job. But on the bright side nursing makes about 60xxx and PA is 100xxx starting out of college.
In one of our classes we had watched "Boomtown". it is a good show and I like it a lot. I like how it shows every single point of view through the characters eyes. it makes a lot of sense when it does that. It is a good show and a lot of people could like that show if they watched it. I like fearless as a character because I think he is kind of funny and he seems like he is fun to be around. he has a partner that is a little bit more strict and when through some things in the past, but his partner is still a good character too. we've watched three episodes now in class, and I wish we watched it more because a lot of people like it and it is a nice break from all the school work we go through. Even though we take notes when we watch "Boomtown" its still nice to be able to watch something that can interest everyone.
I agree with Troy. Boomtown is a really good tv show that shows all different kind of point of views. I typically like the cop investigation shows. NCIS is one of my favorite shows. all I need to do now is be able to get back into it because I mist a few seasons and it is annoying they do now put it on Netflix. In boomtown Joel is my favored person. I like him because he is reckless and quite. He for the most part keeps to him self. I feel bad because he has family problems because his wife is sick and everything.

week 6 2/28/14
I have been looking up information about colleges and other programs I can do so I can get ready for college. Right now my number one school is Brockport NY. it is in up states New York. Here I am thinking about getting my degree in nursing as well as taking all my prerequisites for PA school. most PA schools want you to have experience before going into the class. in this case I hope to do traveling nursing for a little then going back to school. in the ideal world I want to do it all at once but I probably cannot. Right now I am looking up what I need to do to get my EMT license so I can then get my paramedic license so in college I can us that as my practice. I am thinking about going though the Clinton firer department to get these classes. I am hoping to get all this done in the summer.

week 7 3/6/14
During english this week I have read a few short stories as well as my free choice book. Outside of class the only reading i really do is looking at espn and looking at all the news feeds about the Boston Red Sox. One of the short stories was the Worn Path. This story was about an old black woman in the south during the early 1900's. This woman was not educated because she was too old to go to school after the Civil War. However she know that her grandson needed medicean so she made the very long walk that she almost could not complete. She gets stuck in a rose bush falls in a ditch and had a hard time climbing up the hill. For my free choice book i am reading book five of Harry Potter. Even though it was writen for younger kids it is a good book. I am on the 12th chapter and it is on page 200! It will take forever to read.
Makyla Jones
Blog/Week 7 March 6, 2014: The American Idea is shown in multiple ways in literature. The most obvious way is when authors are clearly stating an american idea and belief such as equality, freedom, and new opportunities. Another example is when authors use social commentary. This is when they state their beliefs and thoughts on a certain idea or belief. Social commentary can be a bit more difficult to always understand but its their way of stating their opinions without being so blunt and obvious. One more example of american ideas in literature would be the ones that are not definitely supposed to be understood, but are inferred by the reader. Perhaps the author did not mean for it to be this way; however, the reader can find a connection. There are many topics that relate to the American idea and every author who writes about it has a different view on every one. Some may see America as a land of opportunity while others may seethe opportunity as a laughable idea since Americans have enslaved and put down so many other people as they have risen to power. Some authors may show Americans as the heroes who go and save poor innocent countries; however, others view Americans as nosy and overbearing. American ideas appear in many different forms in literature and also are seen in many different ways. There are so many American ideas that some may view as great, while others believe them to be laughable. That's what makes literature so amazing, it can show how a person truly feels without them having to be blunt and say it. Literature has so many examples of american ideas in it; thus making it that much more unique and important to the public.
I agree with Makyla. The main american ideas are Freedom, Equality, and Prosperity. Now most all athuors from America try to inturipe this idea into their writing in one was or another. In the short story Worn path the idea was about how americans treated the blacks in the early 1900s. However not only stories can have these ideas. all the american poems and televion shows all have ideas behind america.

Week 8 3/13/2014
I think that the SATs are a test that is out of date today. Being a kid who has to take it and yet to study for it my make me bias, however I believe that the test shouldn’t be the reason why a college accepts you. Even if you cannot take test well does not make you stupid. Why should one test determine your future when you will never use what is on the test? In almost everything you do for a job they will tell you what you have to do. This does not mean i do not think you should go to college. College is the place that you go where you learn all the stuff you need to do to make sure you can perform your job at the right level and with little mistakes. The reading part of the SAT is pretty pointless because most of the words that are on it you have never seen before. Scoring low on the SATs doesn’t not mean you can’t not be successful for example, "Stier had received a 410 on the verbal and a 480 on the math, scores she characterizes as “very bad.” Still, she attended Bennington College and went on to a successful career as a book publicist." She did worse in the verbal part and still got a job in a field where all they do is have big words and writing better vocab words.

Steven Gorski
I disagree that these tests like the SAT will really tell how smart kids are. Its even worse that tests like these are what are looked at too. How can tests determine your intellegence when they once are based on some several basic subjects like writting, math and reading. Also the questions are made confusing and tricky as well, its like were not supposed to do good on these. Like in the article Big Score, the mom agrees with me in that, "Many of the questions were tricky; some were genuinely hard." So even adults think this is a hard test. Chalenging test are not the problem though, its not good if they are simple either. But something thats very challenging and only tests basic subjects should not determine how smart someone is. They are just scores like grades in schools. A perfectly smart kid can get a D abd a dumb kid can get a A. In high school its usually just do your work and youll get the good grade. So i think these SAT tests are not that important and should not be considerdered a determining factor about a kids intelligence.
I agree with Steven becuase like i said how can a test tell you how smart a student is? The factor that should let a student decide what college they should go to is their GPA and Teachers who teach these kids becuase they see them everyday. they see the smart and the dumb things they do where as a test is just a bad idea. However the GPA should not be the tottle siding factor. yes this tells you how well you do in class but does this show how chalenged you are? not nessisarly, I know people who are in all cp classes and haev higher GPAs then kids in all honors just because they are actully tring to make themselfs work.

Week 9 3/21/14
I personaly do not like how are grading system is today. for this I agree with the artical saying our system promotes cheating. this is because i see it on almost all test i have to take. also why should your future be determind by test where they are written to mess you up? i am a bad test taker i get confussed on my questions but if you give me a computer project or talk to me i am good at them. on the other hand though i do not agree with how they want some of the new grading system to be. this is mainly because i do not understand it. however it is still better then test bassed testing. i am not the smartest person nor the dumbest but i would do alot better with a different kind of system. i also do not think people should be forced to take classes that they have no wish on taking because then their grades will fall because they wont care about the class.
mikayla jones
I agree with the article one hundred percent. I agree that the grading system should be changed. The point based grading system simply gives points to students for completing work and then retaining the knowledge they learn long enough to take a test. It does not grade based on how well a student actually learns how to use and apply the material. Under the point based grading system, I do the same thing I learn things for a test. After that I forget it, so when asked to remember it in the future to apply it to a different technique I don't remember it. If we changed to a standards based grading, people would have to actually learn the material and show how well they know it in order to pass the class. This may create higher scores, and encourage people to work harder at school. Plus it would make it easier for those kids who are forced to move around more. Since all the standards would be the same and the kids records would go with them, the school would be able to see what the child is good with and where they need assistance. I do agree that the current grading system needs to be changed and a standards based grading system seems good; however, all schools must apply this new standard, and there will always be some faults.
I agree with mik. why should we force kids to memeriz shit that they will forget once they do not need it. i can memerize things i need to learn them but it is hard to learn 9000 things at once for every class i tke and still try to get at less bs in every class. i also agree that you can not just have one school change how they grade becuase colleges will not exept it and then they are in the shit hole because they wont get into college. i think schools should put more enthisis on participting then test taking.

week 10 3/28/14
Why do people study litature? people study it for many reasons. so reasons include that fact that some people just like to read. others are that you can learn alot about society about how some poeple act and write. litarure shows you a persons thought process and how fits in to the time period. such as people from the 1600 would not write about sex and pretty much make their book a porno like the guy who wrote 50 shades of gray. On the other hand people know adays tries to stay awy from the ideas of religion. litature shows whats execptable for the time period.

Mikayla Jones
Literature is studied for many reasons, you can not pin point just one major reason. Everyone has their own reason to study literature, some people enjoy studying literary devices from birth, while others grow into it. Many people study literature in order to learn more about a culture, country, or time period. For example, during World War I in America poems and stories were written which painted the picture with words of the pain and suffering the armed men were going through. There were also songs such as "Over There" which was used to raise patriotism in the nation and encourage people to help the fight. Studying this literature gives us more evidence and information about what the time was like. People also study literature to escape from the world and enter a land of fantasy. Books offer us a chance to travel the world without leaving our house. Stories such as Harry Potter, create this fantasy world for us that we can picture, and we grow close to the characters. Another reason people study literature is to master the use of literary devices, and create stories for others to enjoy. Literature is art, and art opens up the doors to the true human character that we would never be able to see. Literature helps us get a closer view into so much, and although people study literature for different reasons, in the end it comes with a similar outcome. A closer look into the truth of human nature.
I agree with mik. you can not pin just one reason why people study litature. personaly i do not like studing lit, however i do enjoy reading. as ong as i dont have to analizy what i am reading it is all good. and i am reading Harry Potter right now. I enjoy books that make you feel like you can think about being another time period or another fanicity. everything in the end turns into the study of human nature.

Week 11 4/7/14
Over the next few mounths I am looking forward to a few things. first of all next week end is easter and that means a lot of food. after that i am looking forward into summer geting out of school and playing soccer more. also this summer i am going to try to get my emt liciences. but other then that i am not looking forward to anything. this summer i am getting a new car, and going college shopping. of the colleges i am looking at are in New York or penn at the moment. i want to go for nursing, then go back to become a PA.
mikyala Jones
I am looking forward to taking my AP test in May because then I don't have to do much more for that class; therefore school will be a bit less stressful. I am also excited for Prom, it will be lots of fun to just hang out with friends. April Vacation is coming up fast and I am very excited. I am going to NC with my family for the week so it will be lots of fun. Also over April Vacation I have to film a short film for film study based off a song. I chose She Will Be Loved by Maroon 5. I am really excited to film it. Also summer is coming up fast. During summer I will be hanging out with friends. I am also going over to Wales to celebrate my grandpas birthday and visit possible colleges for me to attend. It will be an eventful sumer. I am very excited for it.

I am not taking any AP classes this year, but i am taking FOur next year. this means that i hope i can get an easy end of the year next year. Like mik i am exited for the summer. as i said before i am going to look at colleges and play soccer mostly all summer. on top of that i am doing the emt program and working every day so i can get my new car again. car number 6.

Week 12 4/11/14
Over the Break I am going to try to read a few books. first off I am going to finish the last two Harry Potter books which shouldn't take me too long. other then that I am going to get the rangers apprentice book and read that. after that I am going to try to find a new series that I can read as I am Boston for the weekend because I can not watch TV or play Xbox as I am their because I will be staying in a hotel. I am also going to read the red sox reports and recaps. I am Half way through book 6 of harry potter. it is interesting but I got a new video game so I have to beat that before I can read. I also am like a week behind all my shows so over break I have to watch all of them and I also have to run and work every day.

Alan Esposito
So far, A Raisin in the Sun has been highly interesting. The question about what to do with money when you come into it is difficult to answer. I, however, would use it towards education whether it is for my children when I'm older or me now. I feel like this would be important in life because it would help turn that money into more money. Life is all about getting a good education so later in life you have a job that you enjoy that pays relatively well. Overall, this play so far has an interesting conflict and very interesting characters.

I think a question about money would be cool. I always felt like if I had a lot of money I would give it away. I do not want to live an luxuries life. I would rather work everyday. but that doesn't mean I don't want some money. I always wanted to build my own house or start my own restraint .but if I made million of dollars a year I would give a lot to research organizations.

Week 13 4/19/14
over break i have been busy so i could not read as much as i wanted too. however over the past week i have read two harry potter books. they are really intersting even though they are for kids. i enjoy those kinds of books. between ranger apperntice, erogon, and harry Potter are good books. i have also read espn about red sox. this is the last harry Potter book but i think they could have writen more. i also looked up information and visited a few colleges.

Sarah Burr's Comment:
Over the break I have been reading The Moon and More by Sarah Dessen. I like her books. Her style of writing seems real unlike other books where it can seem fake. I have read a few other books by her and I have enjoyed them. This book is about a girl named Emaline. She lives in a beachy town and the story takes place during the summer. Her family owns a realty company where they rent out houses on/by the beach. Also in the book she has a boyfriend but there is a new boy that comes to her town so she has mixed feeling about what to do. So far, i really like the book. I have been reading it for a long time because I got it in the beginning of the year. I just haven't had time to be reading lately because of school so I am glad that I have had time to read in vacation. I am also excited for summer because I will have more time to spend reading.

week 14 4/25/14
Who is my favorite character in Raising in the Wind? That is a hard question because this was not m type of a play. I like action and that kind of stuff. But if I think of it, I would say Walter. I can to this conclusion because he is the one who changed from the begging of the book till the end whereas the others did not. At the start of the story, Walter was a dick and only cared about himself. He wanted to piss away all the money from his father and felt like it should be given to only him. Whereas his mother wife and sister would have to suffer. Ruth was having a baby and still Walter treated her like shit when she told him. She even wanted to kill the baby because of him. However by the end of the story he put aside his pride and told the man he didn’t want the money and moved into the house anyways. Even though this is after he lost his and Benithas money.

Kelly Thompson
My favorite character from A Raisin in the Sun was Mama. Her morals portrayed through her personality and through every word she spoke. Her family was her entire world and she did everything and anything she could for them. She always seemed to know what was best for everyone. Mama would always try to make everyone a better person, especially Walter. She reminded him of everything he could be and what his father used to be. She even used some of the money to buy her family a much needed new house. Her morals and lessons that had been taught to her children began to show towards the end of the story. This is shown when Mr. Lindner comes by and offers to pay them not to live in their new house. Mama taught them to stick up for themselves and who they are.

I agree with Kelly. Mama was a kind person who wanted the best she can do for her family. the money was hers and she decided to split it though all their needs. she wanted a house and know that they cannot live in their apartment anymore so he left and bought one. then she gave money to Walter and his siter ao they can have what they want. This was even after they all said that walter does not need to do that it is a waste. Walter is a dreamer and doesnt ever come out of the dream. walter said we will change and become a man and then pissed away the money. not only his but also his sisters money as well. Ruth tries to tell her husband that this is stupid but he says she doesnt love him and she doesnt want to fight.

week 15 5/2/14
I did not like Clybourne Park. Personally I thought there was no point in the play. there is to much beating around the bush and it was annoying. they had random pointless lines. it had no connection with the first play other then the house. talks were different there was no dreams or ideas about change or anything like that in the first play. no until the end did the play exactly had meaning and by this time everyone was mad at each other and was yelling. I wonder a lot why this play was written? because it seems like the owner of the first play didn't even give permission for this one that's why they were different.

Mikyala Jones
Clybourne Park is an interesting play. I liked the beginning where we got to see the perspective of the white folks about the new black neighbors; however, the 2009 part is not that interesting to me. The beginning of the play is interesting since we get to see more into the different views of different people, and we also get to hear of what Russ and Bev went through with the loss of their son. When we got to the 2009 part of the play I was excited to read to see how it connected; however, I was a bit disappointed. Act two of the play is very "beat around the bush." There are underlying issues that the play discusses; however, it takes forever to get to that. The characters start to get closer to the actual topic and underlying issue; however, then they will go in a different conversation. For example the characters talked about the capital of Morocco for the longest time, and it seemed to have no importance to the actual play. It is just hard for me to enjoy a play which beats around the bush so much when personally I believe in just saying what you are trying to right away. It is easier to just say the truth and what you are really thinking instead of beating around the bush in my opinion, plus its not as annoying then. It is not a bad play I just don't find it that interesting.

I agree and disagree with mik. the first part was a lot more interesting to me then the 2009 part. it was cool to see the reaction to the white people and the joking about what do blacks eat. but it still was really boring to me. the second act was horrible. they talked about random stuff making fun of everyone and I did not see a reason in having the play. I think it is easier to be bold then to dance around with someone. and I think it hurts less in the end because at less then you are honest and do not lie about it.

week 16 5/7/14
Over the last fifty years, the way people treat African Americans’ have changed. But just like everything in the world, it is always changing. Blacks have gone from being slaves to equals and that is an accomplishment. However I do not see a reason in why people care. If you want to be racist be racist no one can change the way you think and I think it is stupid to be arrested or sued because you are. I do not like certain type of people; however it isn’t the color that makes m not like someone. It is the way they act. If you act like a punk I do not like you it is simple as that. If I need to talk about something that is hard to talk about I can talk to my grandfather. He and I have very close views in the world already anyways. Things for me that are hard to talk about are anything thing to do with feelings. I feel like no one needs to know about them and it is better not to show them as well.

Natalie Jones
Why is it sometimes difficult to speak about issues of race, class, and socio-economic status?
These topics are very sensitive. When speaking to someone with different lifestyles, we tend to perform a medaphorical ballet around the subject at hand. I think that this is because of the fragile state of people and their sensitivities of these topics. It's hard to say anything about African Americans without sounding racist or appearing that you are trying too hard not to sound racist. In our attempts to not offend, we still offend. Although it may be indirect, being straight forward may be the better approach. Talking about these issues head on may possibly ease the barriers between them. Talking about class from a higher social standard than someone else always appears to be a rude and arrogant conversation, belittling the other person. Whether this is intentional or not it happens. I don't know if there is any solution to the awkward conversations between the minority and the majority, and the more people realize this, the more people isolate themselves with "their own kind."Thus cracking even more the social connections of individuals on an even playing field.

I agree with Natalie. People offend each other but tiptoeing around subjects. And they are afraid to talk some ways because they don’t want to sound racist. Personally I do not care if someone thinks I am racist. If I have something to say I will say it. If it is bad so be it, it is the way I think and I will not change that. I think being start to the point is better than to try to protect someone.

Week 18 5/23/14
my favorit peom is "if i can stop but one heart from breaking". by emeily dickinson. i like this poem because it is my idea of life. everyone sould be here tring to make the world a better place and helping those who can not help them selfs. this poem says how if a person needs help and is lost you need to help them find there path again. I also liked the Shit peom in class because she was funny and was right. it doesnt matter whos shit or what kind of person you are it helps the earth get the stuff it needs.
mikyala Jones
This poem is really powerful and deep. Racism as much as it is denied is still a major issue today, and very difficult to talk about. This poem talks about how in the past the issue of race was handled. Those, especially in the South, who did not like African Americans would lynch them. This poem speaks of how families were reunited through the awful sin and the cruelest pain. My favorite part is the symbolism of the stars as guides to help take the wronged to heaven. The stars helps them escape the pain of reality. The poem also speaks of the reactions of others. Little kids see the swinging body and dance. They jump around and smile because of the "greatness" of cleansing the land. They were taught this by their fathers, soon they would become their fathers, and teach their kids the same. This just repeats the horrible cycle, and no one seems to stop it. Even the women who don't want to look at it, will eventually look. They were taught the same as the men and so they will show no sorrow and be used to it as sadly this was the normal back then. This poem brings in the truth from the past of the injustices done to African Americans, and shows how it was normal for the cruelty to be performed. This poem is deep, powerful and discusses a difficult topic.

Personaly i dont really see why it matters if someone is racist. you can not change they way someone thinks and as long as they are not linching or doing anything else to harm people it does not matter hat they think. i do like this peom though. no one should cause pain to someone else on perpus. everyone throughout life is picked on and made fun of and if it is because of where you came from does it matter? yount change that so its like who really cares. but if it is something that you did your self it is your fault.

Week 19 5/28/14
forgotten mother

I stand here looking at my children.
I see what I have brought them into,
I see them withering away because
I can no longer feed them

I stand here wondering what can I do.
can I see my kidney? or can I sell
my soal? o think not.
so what is their to do?

I stand here waiting for my husband.
I have not seen him in months.
he went to work at the mill just like
the other thousands of people just so
we can get food and not watch our child go

I stand here questioning my life.
question my action and the
actions of my government
why are we in this depression?
who caused it? what can we do?
why must we be punished like this?