Week 3 Febuary 6
The beginning of this semester I have media advertisement in which we watch short films on how the media have an effect on our view of things. One of these videos showed women who looked like she had just woken up. They had lighting on her face and then began the process of adding lots of makeup and touch ups to her face to completely change her appearance. Soon after they had taken lots of pictures of her and picked a certain one in this gave the best view of her. They would then use Photoshop in order to change her features on her face and it would completely remove the actual way she looks and basically be forming whole new person.

Anthonys Response
Throughout the year, I have written many passages in my English notebook that have helped me understand more about American Culture. It has made me think about what the American Idea is really about and how it has helped every citizen in a unique way. America allows any person to do what they want to, as long as it is reasonable. This is different from any other country because a lot of countries are completely strict with their citizens. America is a great place to live in and all of the American citizens should be thankful for living here.
Besides the American Idea I have also read a book about the pirates in colonial times such as Blackbeard. The story was about a boy who was captured by Blackbeard and forced to stay on the ship for a ransom. The story described the struggle of what a pirate had to go through during this time period, and also the struggle of living in this time in general. There are many changes in the world today that have made life easier for humans and they are rarely appreciated. Living in the time period we do today and having the technology we have today has shown how life quality has improved in the last 500 years or even just 100 years.

My Response
This quote from Anthony is about his view on the American idea and how it has helped every citizen in this U.S because of the amount of freedom that everyone has. It is very true that we have such a great mount of freedom compared to other countries. We are also able to express our own views and thoughts on certain ideas in which other countries you would most likely be prisoned or killed for speaking against these people. The American idea truly helps us understand of what we have an should appreciate what we all have.

Week 4 Febuary 12
Decided to watch an old tv series that was very popular back in the day. The show is called boy meets world and is a really great show that presented the everyday life of a kid during the 90s. The main character Cory is always trying to be funny and getting caught into minor troubles with his teacher. Its either he doesn't do his work correctly and tries to goof off or is having trouble. In one episode he is faced with having to do a project with this girl who in his eyes is considered weird because his whole project was based on baseball. He then is faced with overhearing these girls talking about his hair and decides to straighten it and turns out really bad and looks like a freak. The girl he had to do this project with ends up being nice to him and he seems to have a change in mind about her and seems to realize that its not all about having to fit in, but trying to true to himself. At the end of this episode he ends up having a new friend and understands that even the people he considered weird could be really great friends.

Max's Response
So the other day in school I decided to wear my American Flag sweatshirt. I got a lot of compliments on that sweatshirt that particular day I wore it. However, I have only worn it a few times to school this year. I have gotten many mixed emotions on the sweatshirt. Mr. Zawad said that he hated it and Mrs. Atwater said that she loved it and looked like I had just gotten back from the winter Olympics. I decided to write about this topic because I remember Coach Bergman talking about that a few kids should blog about my sweatshirt. Who else better than me to blog about it, right? The story behind how I got it was that I went to the Crystal Mall because there is a Buffalo Wild Wings there and while I was waiting for a table of three since I was there with my older cousin and his friend we decided to walk around the mall for a while. We were going down the stairs and I have no idea what the name of the store is but, I saw the sweatshirt out of the corner of my eye and just had to buy it. The thing costed forty darn dollars but it is definitely worth the money. I love wearing it to family parties and when I hangout with my friends. I love the comments that I get on it. Let me know what you guys think, thanks.

My Response
I personally think maxs sweatshirt is pretty cool and shows his patriotic side. I'm not sure if I would buy one myself but I think he wears it off pretty well and who not the wear it better than max, hes a pretty great guy and gets along with everyone. By wearing this sweartshirt she seems to resemble respect for our country and in some way show that he supports all the peope in the armed forces and somewhat paying his respects by wearing a sweatshirt that resembles the American flag. At the end of the day its a matter of opinions but what really matters is what he thinks of it and if he does not mind what others think of it. Overall I think he should keep wearing it. Its pretty unique that there are some sort of clothing like this because we do not see much of it unless its the 4th of july and everyone is wearing a type of red,white or blue to show their patriotism.

Week 5 Febuary 19
So been watching lots of boy meets world due to the fact that it is a great show and resembles the time of when shows were really great and was a time of when shows were enjoyable. Now shows are just completely boring and have nothing to do with what fun and the real was and how things were really taken into action. In this one episode Corey and his friend Shawn face the issue of having to protect their friend from their abusive father because she does not want her father to get into any trouble. Its kind of normal for someone like this to not want to turn in their parent as they do not want them to get into any trouble and seems to just be scared. Later towards the episode she has gotten a black eye and her arms are bruised due to her father hitting her. She always comes up with the excuse that he is just stressed out and that it is okay. Corey had lately been letting her stay in his living room because she did not feel safe at her own home. Towards the end of the episode Corey has to tell his parents and they courage him to tell the authorities to keep their friend safe from this type of abuse. They didn't have their friends father arrested but had him have treatment for his aggressive actions in order to help out with the situation. Their friend had also went to Arizona to live with her aunt for a little while until things were going smoother with her father and he was aloud to see her when he had made progress and getting better. At the end of the day Corey and Shawn did the right thing of reporting this and trying to help a friend in need.

Tonys Response
This week in English class, we watched an episode of Boomtown which was named Crash. Throughout the episode, Fearless and all the others had been working on the case. One lady named Vicki was an old friend of Fearless' and she ended up being the mastermind behind the entire operation. Fearless knew this and he had to make a choice between arresting her or letting her go. Fearless decided that work was more important than his own personal affairs, and he arrested her. This is the correct choice because work should be more important, especially when it is a matter such as this. Fearless is a good worker because he sacrificed his own personal happiness in order to solve the case. This shows how he is able to handle his job effectively.

My Response
I agree with tony and also the episode was a pretty great one as it had lots of action and question to it. The episode really had a turn of events as fearless had to face the issue of having to choose his love for this woman or to do the right thing and turn her in. Fearless did do the right thing and had to, the little boy had lost his parents and was not going to let some woman get away with it when she was the cause for the accident and cause of this little boys parents death. Also if fearless did not turn her in he would have lost his job as he would be charged for taking part in this act for not telling the truth.

Week 6 Febuary 26
In media advertisement we watched the movie called "Idiotcracy" in which the movie has a character in which is being tested for an experiment. Turns out the whole project was shut down but they had never removed both main characters of the movie who are named Rita and Joe. The plot of the movie is that they have been stuck in these capsules and have ended up years into the future where the society is made up of lots of uneducated people. Joe is seen as an idiot for the way he talks because he in the moment is the smartest man on the earth. Everyone in this movie has no idea what to do but sit around and watch tv all day with no knowledge whatsoever. Joe ends up taking this test in which he is appointed the smartest man and is giving the job of figuring out what is wrong with nothing growing. Later on he tells them to use water, in which this case they call it "toilet water" because their new source that they drink is this type of soda and water is not seen other than in the toilet. This movie has certain scenes that are funny but overall is an awful movie to watch due to the high stupidity in these people.

Lyssas Response
In class this week, we started to focus on short stories. I didn't think I would like doing this since I haven't really ever been that interested in short stories before, but I've actually enjoyed the ones that we've read so far. Something that I noticed about short stories is that they tend to focus on one small story, rather than focusing on a general topic while having sub-plots like a novel usually does. I've also noticed that short stories have very few characters in them, which makes sense since they aren't long enough to introduce tons of characters. I think the reason that I like short stories so much might be because after focusing on one story for a couple weeks, I have a tendency to lose interest more easily than I would if I was focusing on a story for a day or two. However, something I don't like about short stories is that they usually end abruptly and are open to interpretation, which is hard for me to get used to because I like things that are black and white and out in the open as opposed to being left for your imagination to decide. Something else that I've noticed that I like about short stories is that they rarely drift off to tell a different story about a completely different topic. This makes the story much easier to follow and a lot less confusing. Taking into consideration that there are millions of different short stories that have completely different meanings and styles, I feel that they are all similar in the sense that they focus on one main topic to maintain a plot that is straightforward, but still allows room for the author to explore different techniques to tell the story with
My Response
I agree with Lyssas response as short stories did seem like they would be boring but end up being a bit fun to read, as they always have a certain meaning to it. But overall i tend to not really like most of them because they can be boring at times and not really get my interest. The one short story in which did catch my interest was the one about the boy who was doing bad in school and had terrible habits. It just seemed to grab my attention as it was some what related towards us in way of showing us certain aspects of what can really happen when someone trys to help you but in the end messes up and leaves in way ditches you from ever existing. The story really made me picture certain parts of the story and I could easily get a picture of what exactly was going on. Certain stories like these that are interesting i end up liking, but others where it just drags on to tell such a tiny bit of detail to the plot of the story really does get boring.

Week 7 March 5
The american idea based on everything we discussed, read and watched, the american idea is about coming together and trying to make a difference. The TED videos are great examples as the people in these videos are always trying to inspire others to do pursue something. They are always referencing what they have gone through and what they have accomplished with everything they faced and ended up being a great success. These videos also make people think about certain things that are going on, like this one man was talking about the school system and how it should be ran differently. It really got me thinking about all these issues that seemed pointless but I was then enlightened and given a clear visual of what this man was saying and trying to make a point to us students. The american idea is also in literature whenever we read anything because there is always something referred to in the past and trying to teach us about how they had faced things and how different they were. Giving us a feel of how it must have been back then and how so much has changed, in which gives us all these opportunities that we have at this very moment. Literature has a great impact on peoples american idea for the fact that is what teaches us and makes us think about certain ideas in anything that we read. A major book that resembles our american idea would have to be the adventures of huckleberry finn because it has to do with racism and how some people could be so judge mental towards the colored people. Also so quick to judge and not really care what they do or say because of the color of their skin.

Dustins Response
The American idea shows itself all throughout American literature in many different ways. poems, stories, short stories. The typical american idea is coming to this free country from different places around the world, work for your living start a family and own a house. this idea is represented in many pieces of American literature. a book that is considered a piece of american literature would be to kill a mocking bird because there are many symbols that represent the American idea in this book. another book that represents American literature and the American idea would be the adventures of huckleberry finn. this is a big book when it comes to American literature because i think it represents and shows the history of our country thats why it plays a big role in being part of all of this American literature

My Response
I agree with Dustin as the fact that we truly do see the american idea in all these different ways of reading. How it can come from such long stories or from a short poem told by a soldier or a woman from the past or even today. These stories all tell something important and try to give the reader something to think about. The reference you make to huckleberry matches my response as well in a way, as it really did show the history of our country. I do not really remember the story of to kill of a mocking bird but you make a great point and seems to me that this book look like something to read. This book might have more symbols pertaining to the american idea if you claim to have seen certain areas.

Week 8 March 14
After reading this article it does really show the whole scenario of taking the SAT as everyone has no conscious of where they are and seem to be exhausted. None of us really want to be at some school taking a test that does not prove any sense of how smart you really are. These tests are pointless and should really be removed from a requirement for college admission. The breaks they give us after taking each test is not enough for us to even walk around and try to take a breather before the next one. Yeah I understand that they are an important test to take but they really are a waste of our time, like why can't we just be tested on our actual knowledge or do something creative to evaluate our critical thinking instead of taking a 4 hr test for us to face a grade that we really do not care about but our colleges. There was also the removal of the writing portion in which I believe was probably one of the easier sections, but thats just me.

Rileys Response
For this week we had to read a SAT article that is talking about kids nowadays taking the SAT's. This story is completly true with how theres people half asleep taking these test either ready for it or not. Ive taken the SAT's twice now and I remember not studying due to not knowing how to, and how nervous I was, not to mention I was half asleep taking them because it on my Saturday off, and bright and early in the day. We have a few hours of sleep to take these tests, and four straight hours of taking them. The teachers that we are assigned have to go through all the warnings before passing the tests out, and they only give us a few five minute break every once and a while. In my opinion, five minutes is not enough to have a break. I remember my brain being fried and once those five minutes were over, i was finally detoxing from the previous test, but have to quickly jump into the next one. these tests are long and very painful to take. i know it is important to take these tests because colleges look at these scores for your admission, but they also help with certain scholarships. this is important for any student becasue scholarships help with the payments for their EXPENSIVE college.

My Response
I agree with Rileys response as the kids really area about to pass out while looking at this test. A lot of the kids there really do not want to be there on their Saturday day off at all. The whole break time is terrible and really do not give us anything to reminisce about during that time. On the other hand if you're late i'm pretty sure you miss that section in which is a bad situation to be in as it would affect your grade. The whole college aspect is what really makes us take this test. Otherwise I believe most of us would not waste our time taking this test as it proves nothing. The only reason we take this awful test is for the whole college requirement in which is completely non sense as they should look at your grades and progress you have shown over the course of time of your time in high school.

Week 9 March 21
This article seems to portray a teachers thoughts of how they seem to feel when grading or evaluating students and their work. Reading this I did not know that some teachers seem to think the way as we do (students). The fact that the whole idea of what that letter grade given really means or if it even has any meaning to it. The article questions the whole importance of what this letter grade really proves, if it even does prove anything but just a something to show what you have done for the class. The real question behind these grades is if we really understand the agenda of the class we are taking, if we are actually learning from what is taught to us. Is it really a grade based of all assignments you have handed in or an actual grade you have earned and got something from that class. The system in which the student is classified in a certain level of how they understand the material seems like a good way to evaluate a students strong and weak points of how they understand certain areas in class. The only problem that could occur with this whole evaluation of the the level of the students areas, is that they could just really care and not do the work. Therefore, the student could be placed in a certain level in which they do not pertain to, there are those students that really find school useless as they believe they do not teach us the essential to what we will really need in the real world and just do average work in classes to get by.

Chris Response
After reading this article on the grade system my eyes have really been opened. I always thought that our current grading system was basically perfect and that it was used because there is simply no other way to properly go about grading a students performance. The author has many valid points proving his opinion on the current grading system and really won me over to agree with his opinion. We should consider moving from our current grading system to a standard based grading system. this would strongly help show which students are actually learning the information rather than just grading the students on assignments with points and letters. Although his attack on the current grade system sounds good and his new type of grade system may work it is hard to know. For example the new grading system he is talking about may not work in certain subjects such as English or history where there is not set answer in your work and where everyone could have differing opinions on a topic but still be right. This is an extremely controversial topic and we should go about testing other ways of grading to see if they would be more accurate or helpful for the education of the student. Overall the article " Letter Grades Deserve F's" does prove some very valid points and should be considered in high schools and middle schools around the country.

My Response
I agree with Chris as the as this article does really gives us a way of seeing something different, and if it will actually work or not. The whole idea behind seems great, but as Chris mentioned may not work in certain classes. The whole article gives out a good idea of changing the grading system but you never know if it will work. If this grading system does take place, it would be a pretty great way of actually having use for these grades. Teachers will be able to focus on those certain areas of the student to try and better them. This article can really give others that read this a whole other aspect of how grades could possibly be seen in the future and be of use instead of just giving someone a grade and not even knowing if the student actually understands the material.

Week 10 March 28
There really is not an answer as to why people study literature, as there are tons of ones opinion on it. I believe we study literature to get a better understanding of certain occurrences that have happened in the past. By reading different books, we get the chance to learn more about our culture in a different perspective of a character. Stories always have a key point to them to try and get a message out to the reader and most of the time it is seen and makes us think. Literature has such a great vast of knowledge and ideas that are brought forward to helps us learn many things. Each person has a different way of taking in ideas and always have a different way of seeing it. Its great to have an interest in literature as there is so much to learn and also give out and create an idea out of one certain passage read.

Sams Response
I believe people study literature to get an understanding of what life can hold. We read stories for entertainment, laughter, sadness, and to learn about other peoples mistakes. We read poetry for the same reasons. But why do we study it? I really don't quite understand why we study it. Sometimes literature is so boring, and other times it can be exciting and fun. Literature helps the mind of a younger human by them reading about other peoples mistakes and by reading other people successes. I guess what I am trying to say is that we read/ study literature to help ourselves in the future by thinking more clearly about our emotions and action.

My Response
I agree with Sam as there lots of reasons as to why we study literature. Also the fact of how literature can be boring at times and then very entertaining as well. It really all depends on the persons views of interest. There really is not a right or wrong response as to why we study literature but how I see it, is learning from any of the studies we do. Reading some of the stories in class really seem to open ones views on things, as each time we read something new it always has something interesting about it, even when it is dragging on and getting boring. At the end of the story we learn as to why this was written and what it truly means, in which is what is important whenever reading something because analyzing the story helps us understand literature.

Week 11 April 4
I am looking forward to reading maybe one interesting story in the class. But other than focusing on just literature maybe watching some more TED videos as they really do interest me. As after every TED video I always seem to keep analyzing the video and thinking about what had been said. Each person in the TED video really does question the way we look at things. Watching something in class is much easier to focus on as my generation is all based on technology and more of seeing things and learning.

Rileys response
The things that i am most looking forward to would be more ted videos. I personally like watching these ted videos because they help me understand topics better. We have watched them in the past a I really enjoyed learning about the topics. when we watch these films, i learn better because i am visualizing what the topic is and that helps my mind understand things. We watched a ted video in class, and my attention was fully on the video. when i can see a video, i can comprehend things better. if we have more of these videos, i will be able to have my attention fully on the topic that is at hand. if there are videos or movies, my attention gravitates and will stay on that video the entire class

My Response
Its great seeing that someone else enjoys the TED videos as well.T hey really do give us something to think about after watching them. They in a way help us become a better critical thinker as we all have a different opinion of what we just saw. Also they help push us to try and do something different and unordinary as most of the people in these videos tend to do something original and have such a huge impact on something. Its fascinating how something to small can have such a huge impact.

Week 12 April 11
My thoughts on this book is that it is a very interesting story. In a way it gives you a great input of what life was like during their time. At times its a bit hard to understand as we are reading it as a play. When reading along and trying to follow along it, i feel as it would be easier to understand if it was seen instead of just reading as during our era nowadays we seem to understand and pay attention more to something that is there to see. The story is very interesting though and by what we have read there are some parts that are funny and seems like a great play to watch.

Pauls Response
My thoughts so far on A Raisin in the Sun are that it is at least starting to get outdated. I would have a hard time believing that someone would slap their child for not believing in God now. Atheism has become far more prominent in recent years. I also think that is has generally come to be more accepted, so long as Atheists don't run their mouth off claiming to be superior. Also, the race issue seemed much more dramatic in the book than I have ever known. There was a lot of talk of the difference of blacks and whites, such as how Beneatha mentioned that black rich people were snobbier than white rich people. I don't think that this is true, or that people would even care now.

My Response
I agree with you Paul about how the story is outdated and the fact that you included that someone would get slapped is quite funny. Atheism has become more common during this time period and it is being accepted as I believe not that many people who are religious would bother trying to convince them to try and be more religious. I agree aswell with how the race issue is seen about how rich black people can be worse than white rich people.

Week 13 April 18
My book is called "Messanger". It is about a kid who who lives in a small town and has to take care of his blind old grandfather. In this small little town everyone seems to have their own job that is very unique. His name is Matt and has the job of being a messenger for the town as he would be sent throughout the woods, in which was a dangerous place. For some odd reason however he was not affected by the forest and since the forest seemed to accept him, he was the messenger for the his village to go give other communities the message he was sent. So far the book is pretty interesting as it really keeps you entertained and wanting to learn more about what Matt does.

Jens Response
Over break this week I finished a book called Invisible Girls. The story revolves around this young woman, about 27 years old, who was diagnosed with cancer at about 25. She had a boyfriend but once she started losing her hair, he left her for another woman. On Sarah's journey she met this family from Somali who was extremely poor. Sarah had no parents or friends living around her and when we met this Somali family was taken back. The family had no money, the kids were always wild, and it appeared the mother had no idea how to take care of them. The situation turned out that the husband was abusive and threatening to kill the family if they didn't leave the house in Somali. So, they came to America and felt lost. Sarah felt extremely bad for the family and later became their "nanny". She helped teach them English, manners, and helped to support the girls. At the end of the book, the abusive husband came to America looking for them, and did just that. Though, he was looking to come back into their lives. Next thing Sarah knew, the family was moving back to Somali and Sarah was cancer free for all.

My Response
Seems like a great story to read as it really does sound like a deep book to read. At the same time also seems like a happy story as she is able to make a new family for herself and help a family in need. Pretty cool that she was able to get rid of the cancer, but the fact that the husband came looking for the family and they had to go back must be a terrible feeling for her to lose, as she had pretty much acquired a nice family and looks like she was enjoying their presence.

Week 14 April 25
My favorite character would probably be Momma because she was funny at times because of her attitude she had in this play. Overall each character had their own unique personality which made the play interesting. She showed how strong and confident woman she was during this time,as being an old african american woman must have been a bit of a struggle as they blacks were not as respected during this period. She always tries to bring the family together when certain things arent going right, like the whole money crisis. Showing her family the pride she has within her makes everyone in the play think about their actions and how important it is to have a pride. Momma is the center of the story as she is involved in pretty much everything and is an important character to have.

Connors Response
My favorite character from a raisin in the sun is Asagai. I really like Asagai because of his upbeat and positive attitude. It's always an eyeopener for me when a person from another country comes to mine and is so happy and loves everything while most people couldn't be more unhappy with how they live. People like Asagai make me appreciate how i live. I realize that running water and having food everyday is pretty nice! Most people in the world live this way now, however in some parts people still have it rough, especially 60 years ago. I feel like Beneatha should go to Africa with Asagai, it would be a great experience and it would really make her appreciate all the little things that us Americans take for granted. Everyone should travel to a country other than theirs at leats once. That way we can see what life is like outside of our American bubble. Americans are so ignorant and oblivious to the rest of the world, I do not want to be like that i want to be uplifting aware like Asagai.

My Response
I agree with Connors response as Asagai really does have a view on things differently from everyone. He does make you think about ways of your heritage and how important it is to follow your customs and appreciate what you have. Some of the customs he believes might not be for everyone, but he does make you see things that any ordinary person probably would not see. As everyone is so use the current way people live instead of looking back at how important old customs were like and how they really did provide a whole different way of living. In a way he seems to be like an old man because he is so fond of the old times and his heritage in which their time period its different from what he sees.

Week 15 May 2
Clybourne park is a pretty interesting play so far. I mean theres not much to say about it, as it is pretty much just a family based play. There are funny points in the book, but some of the jokes are a bit dry. Overall though, the book is good as it really does in a way describe the setting of a modern family during this time period. How they really do not live any different from most people, but others see them as just colored and do not give them the respect that they should recieve. Each character in the book has an important role because they help make the setting real and give it that taste of their personalities. It would be cool to watch broadway show i think, as we would be able to get a taste of it in a better manner and probably understand it better than just reading it.

Pauls Response
So far, Clybourne Park is interesting. It seems to tell the story of how minorities and whites began to mix in culture, and how some people just stopped caring. Russ just wanted to get out of the house and could not care less of who it was sold to. The same goes for his wife and the person who found the Youngers, who bought the house. It also points out that those who are black and those who are white are equal. Francis and Albert act like any other person would, and try to help out Russ with the trunk. This does somewhat backfire but it was due to the fact that Russ was having a bad time. I am interested in hearing what comes in Act Two

My Response
I agree with Paul as it really was about how minorities and whites began to mix in culture. It still seems like there is a feud between the different cultures as whites still seem to not respect the colored just because of their skin color. Even though they are not seen as the same, they still try to to show who they really are and prove their self respect. Even though there is some stereotypical ways seen in this play, they still seem to respect one another as they talk with a good amount of respect towards one another.

Week 15 May 2

Why is it sometimes difficult to remain calm when a taboo subjecthas been brought into a conversation?
It might be difficult to be calm about the situation because it has been brought up out of nowhere and no one really knows what to say. Also they do not want to say anything that could affect them later on, when they have to maybe explain their reasoning behind what they said.

Why is it sometimes difficult to speak about issues of race, class,and socio-economic status?
Race was such a huge issue before when the colored were slaves and how they had no rights, as compared to the white man. Talking about it could stir up something and be offensive to anyone that may be a race other than caucasian. It all depends on who you discuss it, and the way you say your thoughts on the whole question about race.

What other issues do you find it difficult to talk about?
Nothing really, as for me I like to see myself open to talk just about anything, but if it has a discussion to do with bashing someone based on what they look like, like their color/race, then I really do not want to partake in any of it because I cannot really judge someone on their color.

Is there someone in your life that you can address difficult issues with? If not, who do imagine yourself going to?
The first person to come to mind is obviously my mother because shes always there to just want to help you with any situations.

How have historic events over the last fifty years shaped how we view race and class in this country today? From your point of view,have these areas been improved upon or worsened? Explain.
Historic events have cause such a huge impact on how we view race. As of now mostly every race has a right in this country. In some parts however there still are people that are racist and do not associate with anyone besides someone white. Change has greatly impacted over the past 50 years, if it was not for people trying to make a difference, for example like rosa parks, or martin luther king. Then blacks probably would have had to have someone else try and address their parts in society that they had under went to get them to where they are today. Areas have improved but racism still remains in people, and I do not think that can change in certain people, as thats how they were raised.

Anthonys Response
It is difficult to deal with a taboo subject because of how irrational the point of the conversation is sometimes. If a person feels very strongly that the subject is inferior and should not even be mentioned in the first place, they will probably be upset that there is any discussion at all. It is okay for a person to respond like this because it is normal to go off on something that you are upset with. In this situation, there was a lot of tension between the two families, especially after Kevin mentioned the joke. This created a social barrier that separated the two families, and making the entire meeting a big ordeal. In addition to this, the entire conflict did nothing but make both families mad with eachother, and upsetted the lawyer and Tom. This goes to show how easy it is to turn against a person rather than forming a friendship. Overall the families had tensions in the first place, but they were concealed. In the end however, their real faces were shown, which caused a large problem between the four of them.

My Response
I agree with Tony as it really depends on the type of person and how they see a certain situation. Also the story did cause some social barrier between the families because of how they were handling the subject a bit aggressive towards one another. Overall it does show how a person can become so angry and have such a bad way of handling the situation and cause a big tension between everyone instead, as Tony said "forming a friendship.

Week 18 May 23
"The Phoenix and the Turtle"
I chose this poem because of the title and the fact that it was written by shakespeare. Who a lot of people respect what he had written during his time. I cannot make out exactly what the poem is really trying to say, but that it as about someones love for another. As if someone was at a funeral seeing their loved one for the last time and saying good bye. Towards the end of the poem it says "Truth and beauty buried be" which could only lead to what this person is seeing as that person is buried. Also the way the person describes his moment of observing his loved one and reminiscing some old memories about this person. I'm also not sure whether or not it is a human or a bird which would only show the symbolic behind the poem of what is occurring. The way the poem describs their affection for the person is what really standso ut and makes the poem powerful and unique.

Maxs Response
Peculiar Properties by Juan Delgado
This poem could send a different message to every person who reads it; this can be true for a lot of poems too. To me, this poem shows that a person will understand more about the world as they get older and witness more things that happen. A person living in modern times tends to travel a lot whether it be for business or pleasure. By doing this, it can allow a person to see a large portion of the world and experience many different forms of life or ways of living. The way that wildlife exists and thrives in a rainforest is completely different than the way an arctic ecosystem works. But they both work out to keep all forms of life alive. This can relate to humans the same way it works for animals. The way that the United States government and citizens operate is different than the way that the United Kingdom government and citizens operate. The poem opens up these new doors and windows to show you how drastically different the world can be. This poem offers a good amouny of insight into what the world will be like as an adult compared to how a child percieves it.

My Response
I agree with Max on how this poem could send a different message to whoever reads it. After reading this poem i believe it to be about someone trying to find a path in their life. Trying to see what the future has in store for them. Also how things can be different living away from home, and what life has in store for someone. This man desribes how his current live is going in the second stanza. He describes what he is going through and how different it is than from before when he lived at home. His whole situation is different and time is going by fast and he has to do more than what he had to do. As Max also says that the poem opens up new doors to how a view on someone elses point of view is very true. Not many people can really see what the other person is going through and sometimes through a store or maybe a poem such as this one can really be an eye opener.

Week 19 May 30
I sit here and stare
What I could be doing
If anything I do will matter
If anything I do has purpose
I cannot help but wonder what I could be
Sometimes it seems to late
But at the same time I feel like I can achieve
I stare into nothing
Only to wonder if I am someone
Deep thoughts are the only things crossing my mind
Still I have no idea who I am
Maybe one day I can become who I want to be
Not to be forced by any man and tell me what to do
I have lived and wondered about all the corruption that occurs
Only to see those of who actually are of any meaning
To actually witness something true
A person with a heart
A person who can make a difference
Maybe one day this world will be different
Where everyone is seen as one and not as a stranger

Street Scene, Vicksburg, Mississippi