Free Write Poem
Mark Zumpano
English 3 Per. A
I can feel the music roar.I can see the six string; slowly tearing away the walls of discomfort, welcoming in a feeling of warmth.I can feel love die from the canter of Cowboys; their hearts turning to ashes.I can see explosions of color, as the man called “Eddie” shreds a hole in the California sky.I can feel magic, as Sweet Baby James strikes down the hearts or thousands; many on their knees in awestruck wonder. Oh! How Sweet it is to feel the twang and vibration of bass!The steady, solid beat, playing in my heart; mind; soul.As stages light ablaze, I see the eyes open and the jaws drop to the ground.Music is all around us; our essence.Everyone has their own music to feel; to see; to love; to live.Having music is ideal; without it, there is no meaning; purpose; or life.Music is life.